First Impression: She Would Never Know

Is anyone in the mood for a noona romance that isn’t really a noona romance? Something a little bit melo, but also full of steamy OTP chemistry? Well, then I have the drama for you.

I will admit the reason I decided to check this drama out is completely shallow, and even why I stuck it out for four full episodes is just as shallow. Ro Woon and his manly glow up. Yeah, yeah, he was super sweet and lovable in Extra-Ordinary as Haru, and he has a touch of that puppy dog underling quality in this drama, but the director is a master at shooting him to emphasis both his height and his grownup aura.

Drama watcher beware, the writer and director plop you into the story and it feels a bit confusing for a first scene. Our OTP both work for a makeup company and Yoon Song Ah (Won Jin Ah) is Chae Hyung Seung’s (Ro Woon) supervisor. They do set his crush up pretty well from the beginning. He obviously admires his sunbae and cares for her. She is totally oblivious, and we find out pretty quickly that it’s because she already has her own office romance cooking with her boss. That same boss just so happens to be best friends with the chaebol grandson that runs the company.

By chance, our towering man with a crush finds out about Song Ah’s relationship, and then discovers her boyfriend’s dirty little secret. Boss Man is engaged to be married and Song Ah is not just a hidden office girlfriend, but the other woman. One of the reasons I almost dropped this drama is that, as soon as Hyung Seung finds out about the cheating, he becomes overprotective and a bit overbearing for this drama watcher’s taste. I like my men supportive and there to help if the woman needs them, not insisting they take a course of action and pushy about their choices every step of the way.

Never fear, the show both explains Hyung Seung’s reaction, and has him realize he’s in the wrong. By the end of episode three, he’s there to support our lead and they’re both making me swoon. I will say that Won Ji Ah is MADE for this type of drama. I only watched a few episodes of Melting Me Softly, but I was not impressed with that character at all. Jin Ah shines in more serious roles where she brings a strength and vulnerability that I love.

Aside from our OTP, the show is full of an array of interesting characters. Hyun Seung’s two sisters have their own stories that are running alongside his and one of the them has been spotted by his company CEO, and it’s love (lust, with a side of privileged possessiveness?) at first sight. I’m pretty sure there may be a closeted character among this group, not surprising with a JTBC drama these days. I’m also entertained by the office workers and Song Ah’s roommate. Song Ah’s mom is a bit odd and I’m still not sure what to make of her storyline.

The second male lead is cast in a sympathetic light at first, the underling who must bow to his “friend” and his friend’s grandfather just to make it in the business world. But as his lies are revealed, he begins to spin out of control, making me concerned that he might stop at nothing to hold onto what he believes is his.

Will I keep watching? Ro Woon is captivating and sexy, while also being adorable. I honestly didn’t expect this after his last performance, which was good, but didn’t feel like he might end up on my Must Watch actor list. Won Jin Ah rocketed to my favorites list after Just Between Lovers, and I’m happy she’s showing that she deserves to stay there with this. There aren’t many solid romance dramas out there in Kdramaland right now, and I’m hoping this one won’t let me down.

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  1. I’ve been looking for this drama online and have not been able to find full episodes. Just wondering what streaming service you are using to watch this?

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