The Fangirls’ Movie Review: The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity

Action, more action, and enough hotties to satisfy any Fangirl. Come find out if the new Chinese film The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity had more to recommend it than just a gorgeous cast.


When a demonic serpent reawakens, the Yin-Yang Masters must solve a murder mystery and protect their realms from a dark conspiracy at the royal court. (MyDramaList)


Kmuse: I think this was probably the weakest aspect of the show. I just needed everyone and the plotting to be a bit more fleshed out. Even with the weaker story, it was still worth watching at least once.

Kdrama Jen: I thought we were going to get a quest story about a young practitioner with so much potential, but the inability to use the protection spell because he did not really have anyone he deeply wanted to protect. That part of the storyline is there, but there are many twists and turns and random bits that seem to be thrown in along the way. It just wasn’t a clear character arc. Still, it is a taste of a Chinese fantasy drama without the 40-50 episode commitment.


Kmuse: There was so much pretty on my screen it was enough to make a fangirl swoon. The beautiful palaces, the fight choreography, the super gorgeous eye candy. This movie truly is a feast for one’s eyes. SO MUCH PRETTY!

Kdrama Jen: The “pretty” is where this movie shines. There were beautiful costumes, some interesting use of lighting, and eye candy galore. The fight choreography has some new twists, and I am always a sucker for fan fights and people who use non-traditional weapons. I am not exactly sure why we needed so many shirtless scenes from a plot perspective, but I am not complaining.


Kmuse: Despite wishing that everyone’s characters were a little more layered, I liked all the characters. It was well acted and I enjoyed watching the mystery unfold.

Kdrama Jen: I enjoyed the acting and the “bromance.” Mark Chao (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms) as Qing Ming is calm and unflappable. This contrasts with the more hot-headed character played by Den Lun (Ashes of Love and Investiture of the Gods). They are both seasoned actors, and they play their parts well. There are nuances to their relationship that are never fully explored, but it is certainly Den Lun’s character, Bo Ya, that helps Qing Ming find the one he wishes to protect. Joined by Ziwen Yang (When a Snail Falls in Love) and Jessie Li, as well as Duo Wang as supporting characters, this had some strong acting, despite a messy plot.


Kmuse: It was a fun two hours. Worth the watch but I am not sure it is something I would watch a second time. I give it a 7/10.

Kdrama Jen: It was an enjoyable couple of hours with some familiar faces. It looks like there might be a sequel on the horizon. Den Lun has Yin-Yang Master: Retaliation listed on his bio. I am not sure if Mark Chao has signed up for a second film, though. He may be busy with the Chinese remake of the K-drama, Misaeng. Either way, it was a nice break from reality, easily available on Netflix, and had enough redeeming qualities for me to say it is worth watching.

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6 thoughts on “The Fangirls’ Movie Review: The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity

  1. Another feature film, Yin Yang Master coming out this month, a different version also with big name actors: Chen Kun(Rise of the Phoenix) is Qingming and Qu Chu Xiao is Boya and Zhou Xun & Shen Yue(Love is so Beautiful & Meteor Garden) and William Chan are also starring. Looks like the story is different. Can’t wait for this version too! I’m not sure where I can view it though, might be going to the big screen first and then to streaming site later.

  2. I like Mark Chao, but will skip this movie because of Guo Jingming (the director). He’s a known plagiarizer who was actually found to be guilty by the courts. He only recently publicly apologized to the author, 14 years later, hoping to avoid being blacklisted. But this movie was still pulled from Chinese movie theaters just a few weeks after screening. It’s great that the Chinese entertainment industry is finally taking a strong stance against plagiarism.

  3. the sequel actually have already finished filming alongside the first movie — it’s just a matter of time before it would be released.. there already trailer come out of the sequel and its really pique my interest.. Mark Chao and Deng Lun are still the main cast and it seems like it would focus on Boya character

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