Podcast #125 More Fluffy Chinese Dramas

Clkytta and The Maknae decided that they needed to get their fluffy drama chat on. Join them as they review some of the best fluffy Chinese dramas currently out.

Dramas Mentioned:

  • Perfect and Casual
  • Put Your Head on My Shoulder
  • My Little Happiness
  • Le Coup de Foudre
  • Go Go Squid
  • My Dear Lady
  • Skate into Happiness
  • Forever Love

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8 thoughts on “Podcast #125 More Fluffy Chinese Dramas

  1. I have seen several of the ones you recommend. They are great and fluffy. One I would recommend is My Love, Enlighten Me. It’s not so fluffy but a really good story with forced cohabitation. I can’t remember if you already talked about it.

  2. My favorite fluffy Chinese drama so far for 2021 is campus rom com Always Have, Always Will. The plotline is nothing new but the main leads acting keep it fresh for me. I laughed a lot during this drama and there are many cute scenes. It’s fast paced with not a lot of filler- 24 episodes of 30 minutes each, so 12 hours total. I reccommend it if you are looking for a light, breezy watch. Available with English subtitles at YouTube and Amazon Prime Video.

    I really enjoyed Perfect & Casual. Agree it was nice to see 2 main lead characters who shared a common trait of kindness even though their personalities were quite different. 2020 seemed to be the year for contract relationship rom coms (one of my fave tropes!) and Perfect & Casual was one of the best of those.

    • I’ll have to add Always Have, Always Will to my list! I’ve been watching a lot of heavy stuff and I could use some laughs.

  3. I finally caught up on listening to the podcasts, and I love love love this one! I have watched all the dramas you guys chatted about except for My Dear Lady and they are all ones I really love! When you were talking about Forever Love I was so excited and literally squealed when you mentioned my comment on my favourite leads not being “plastic”! (I was in the car and my kids think I’ve gone crazy!) Please chat about fluffy cdramas often – Wuxia is cool and Palace politics are fascinating, but fluffy cdramas are myu favourite genre!

    • My kids think I’m crazy ALL THE TIME, so you’re in good company! We definitely plan on talking about fluffy dramas a lot more often, for sure.

  4. Accidentally In Love is a hilarious rom com available on Netflix. The female lead is a genius (a smart FL!) who is savvy, rational and just a wonderful character. No annoying damsel in distress in this drama!

    To Get Her (with Tang Xiao Tian from My Little Happiness as Male Lead) is also a fun and sometimes silly comedy rom com. Same production company and director as Accidentally in Love. Male lead is trapped in a video game as the third prince in a fictional dynasty and his ex-gf is tasked with saving him and bringing him back to reality. Another kick-ass FL! English subbed episodes available on YouTube (https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMX26aiIvX5otFNW94U9ktfcWp4krXAV0).

    Also recently watched the short fluffy rom com By Stealth Like you. English subbed episodes are available on YouTube (https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6xVgUZ4UP2P8oCN5yWSLRrNio7m8uges). Only 15 episodes x 10 minutes in total. Binged all 15 episodes on a lazy Sunday =)

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