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There’s never a dull moment in Kpop, and this week is no exception! From Spotify dropping a multitude of Korean artists from its library to highly anticipated comebacks, MiataMama is here to make sure you don’t miss out on all the big happenings. Check out all the details below!

Kpop fans, globally, are still reeling from the sudden disappearance of their favorite Kpop artist’s song from Spotify Music. Distribution negotiations between KakaoM (Melon Music) and Spotify broke down, causing this crushing blow to the international Kpop community. Artists like Seventeen, Mamamoo, IU, Epik High, Oneus and Victon, just to name a few, have seen their songs vanish from Spotify’s libary. There is speculation that this seeming power-play between the two music streaming sites might still get resolved and all the missing songs re-instated. But in the meantime, fans are rapidly turning to alternative sites to find their missing music and support their favorite Kpop artists.

If, like me, you stared in shock at your shrunken playlist wondering what songs you lost, there’s a small bit of good news. Spotify has a feature that allows you to see just what went missing! On your mobile device, click ‘Settings’, then ‘Playback’ and then turn OFF ‘Hide Unplayable Songs’ (or from your desktop, turn ON ‘Show Unavailable Songs in Playlist’) and you will see the titles that are currently unplayable. SO many songs were cut from my multiple playlists – I hope my fellow K-poppers out there are faring better.

In happier news, there are a lot of big comebacks this week and I am super excited for all the new music coming our way!

ATEEZ dropped the second mini-album of their FEVER series, ZERO: FEVER Part.2 – check out their title track ‘Fireworks (I’m The One)’!

VERIVERY is back with their second single album, SERIES ‘O’ ROUND 1: HALL – the teaser trailer for their title track ‘Get Away’ has piqued my curiousity.

iKON is releasing a digital single for their new song ‘왜왜왜(Why Why Why)’ – I really enjoyed their last album, so I’m looking forward to this new music from them.

RAIN is also back with a new mini-album, ‘PIECES by RAIN’, and his concept teasers featuring Chung Ha look intriguing.

And for a bonus bit of news, SBS’s The Show has brought in a new trio of idols to host their weekly music program – Yeosang from ATEEZ, Jihan from WEEEKLY and Kim Yo Han from WEi.

Drop down to the comments below and let me know which new music comeback you’re most looking forward to this week!



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