First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Hello, Me!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your younger self suddenly showed up in your life, out of the blue? I, for one, would be super excited and love the chance to fangirl with teenage me! So, of course, when I saw the teasers for Hello Me!, I was excited to check out this new time-travel drama. Come see if this story found a spot on my drama plate!

Just to Give You a Little Background

First things first, a quick synopsis from – –

Ban Ha Ni is a single 37-year-old woman who is generally servile and timid. Holding only a temporary position at her work, she’s fearful of being let go at any moment. Considering her current lack of security, she does not want to remain single. One day, the 17-year-old version of herself travels from the past to meet her current self.  The 17-year-old Ha Ni is totally different from whom she had become, as the younger Ha Ni is bright and optimistic.

The Players

I love, love, love that Choi Kang Hee is playing the grown-up version of Ban Ha Ni! I was eager to try this drama because of the storyline and didn’t realize that my favorite ahjumma from Queen of Mystery would be starring here too. I’m enjoying her as the elder Ha Ni – life is not really going well, but she’s taking each day as it comes and trying to do the best she can with the hand she’s been dealt. She has wisdom, combined with a dash of resignation, that comes with adulting. Totally relatable.

Lee Re jumps in as spunky, teenage Ha Ni, and turns her older counterpart’s life upside-down. This bubbly actress did such a great job as Suzy’s younger self in Start Up and I’m happy to see her with a full leading role in this drama. That being said, her character here is a little hard to deal with — young Ha Ni had an ego the size of South Korea itself and a healthy dose of obliviousness to go along too! She’s your typical the-world-revolves-around-me teen — but to the extreme. Wowza! (Maknae’s Note: Aaaaannnnd that’s why I dropped the drama. I just couldn’t handle her.)

I *may* have also started this drama because one of my favorite tall, puppy actors, Kim Young Kwang, plays the male lead. His chaebol son character, Han Yoo Hyun, is pretty shallow and self-absorbed — also, I’m uncertain if he is supposed to be a romantic interest for Noona Ha Ni?? For now, I’m just enjoying his goofy grins and puppy stares as he comes to realize his past connection with our leading lady. 

The Story

I can’t pinpoint whether it’s the directing style or the writing, but the exaggerated personalities of the characters do feel a bit heavy-handed. The storyline so far has been pretty predictable as well. And while some may feel bored or uninterested by this, I’m actually happy to have a drama that’s not overly stressful and packed with tons of cliffhangers. Ultimately, I’m hopeful that as the story continues, each version of Ha Ni can bring out the best (and/or positives) in her counterpart. (And maybe our older Ha Ni will find love along the way?) My expectations aren’t set super high – I just need a satisfactory story arc!

Should You Watch?

If you don’t do well with second-hand embarrassment, this show is probably not for you. (Maknae’s Note: YUP!!) There have been fair amounts of both slapstick and cringe-worthy moments. But if you’re looking for a light comedy and uncomplicated plotline, join me as I add Hello Me! to my weekly watchlist!

I’m always curious to hear your thoughts, fellow Drama Fans — sound off in the comments below!



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6 thoughts on “First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Hello, Me!

  1. I think I’m going to wait until it finishes unless someone tells me that it’s amazing as it goes along. I also love Kim Young Kwang and wanted to watch it just for him. I watched Episode 1 and he was, as usual, engaging. But I don’t know if I can go with him as a romantic lead for this actress. I’ll just have to wait.

    • It will definitely be a strong Noona romance if they pursue a relationship between these two characters – we’ll just have to wait and see where it goes!

  2. I am seriously loving this drama. Yes, it’s predictable but it has so much heart. And maybe it’s an age thing but life is so full of regrets that affect our lives. I’m thinking that it is a noona romance because Anthony is a fun character but the chaebol seems to be the perfect fit. Am trusting that there will be healing all around.

    • I’ve been keeping up with it weekly so far and am still enjoying it very much – It definitely has a lot of heart!

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