Top 5 Kpop Practice Room Videos: It’s All About the Moves

One of the only things I love more than amazing Kpop MVs are their equally fantastic dance practice videos. With my background in dance, I appreciate a steady, wide-angle view to take in all the intricate choreography Kpop styling has to offer! It’s also a great way to see these talented artists focus solely on the steps and give the dance their all. So, in no particular order, here are some of my favorites!!

Stray Kids – “Back Door”

Stray Kids have some of the most powerful choreography in Kpop and I am always amazed by the dances they bring to the stage! “Mirroh” was one of their first practice videos that caught my attention, but lately I can’t stop looping “Back Door.” I especially love the flow of their figures and how they cover the floor in this dance – it’s fantastic!

Kang Daniel – “Paranoia”

Kang Daniel, (former Wanna One member), has been soaring these last couple of years as a solo artist. His recently released song “Paranoia” is a great listen, but the accompanying choreography, by We Dem Boyz, really brings the story of the lyrics to life. I might be strange, but I also love hearing all the stomps and shoe squeaks as they execute the steps!

BTS – “Dynamite”

BTS manages to make any piece of choreography look like a walk in the park. And while they have many challenging pieces that are a-MAZ-ing, “On” and “Black Swan” for example, I’ve recently been enjoying their dance room video for “Dynamite” most. They’re so light on their feet and relaxed, and most of all, full of smiles. This song + dance just makes me happy!! 

ATEEZ – “Wonderland”

ATEEZ always impresses me with their ability to do synchronous choreography without losing each member’s unique styling. I love ALL of their practice room videos, so it was hard to pick just one. But the explosiveness of “Wonderland” can’t be contained – they dance BIG even in this tiny space. And no, those aren’t strobe lights, the camera is shaking because they are just dancing THAT hard! 

A.C.E. – “Favorite Boys”

A.C.E. always sneaks up on me – these boys have amazing vocals AND dance skills! Their lines are so sharp and crisp, but they also have this beautiful fluidity to their pre-chorus and chorus choreography in “Favorite Boys.” I absolutely love the balance it brings to the dance!


And because I STRUGGLE trying to pick favorites to share, here are two more just for fun!

ATEEZ killing it while completing their choreo for “Say My Name” at 2x speed!

WayV doing “Bad Alive” in princess dresses will never get old – watching YangYang struggle with his mermaid skirt makes me giggle every time!

There are so many amazing practice room videos, I wish I could share them ALL. Tell me your favorites in the comments below!



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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Kpop Practice Room Videos: It’s All About the Moves

  1. Favorite dance practice ever…Seventeen and Nu’est doing Heaven. MAMA’s camera work screwed them over on this, so fans got a special dance practice version. The all black, the stomping, the UNISON of that many people, the weaving around into formation! Gorgeous!

    • Thank you so much for sharing this video!! Even the best music show camera work would not have been able to do this choreo justice… the way their movements intertwined and the balance between soft and strong steps – fantastic!! I love seeing such precision in a large group like that as well – I need to go watch again (and again) to take it all in. The black suits were on point too! So glad you brought this special dance practice to my attention!!

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