Upcoming Dramas for April 2021

We’ve got some star power riding the Hallyu wave to our screens, drama fans! Come check out what’s headed our way for the month of April.

Taxi Driver

Lee Je Hoon (Signal) is back on our screens in this revenge drama, the story of a mysterious taxi service that gets justice for those who are not able to get it through the law (sounds a little like the American drama Leverage, doesn’t it?). Check it out starting April 9th!

The Chronicle of Haunted Real Estate/Sell Your Haunted House/Real Estate Exorcism

Jang Na Ra (Oh My Baby) is the star of this occult drama about real estate brokers who specialize in cleaning the ghosts out of buildings where people have been murdered. Starts on April 14th.

Law School

A group of law professors and their students — including Tale of the Nine-Tailed‘s Kim Bum! — from Korea’s stop law school get tangled up in a very unusual case. The legal drama begins on April 14th.


If you’re missing Flower of Evil vibes in your life, then Undercover is the drama you’re looking for. Starring Ji Jin Hee (Designated Survivor: 60 Days) and Kim Hyun Joo (WATCHER), a married couple’s life is blown apart when Kim Hyun Joo, a human rights lawyer, gets nominated for a prestigious position and her husband’s hidden identity comes to light. The fireworks begin on April 23rd.

Dark Hole

A group of survivors have to fight against the mutants created when some unlucky humans breathed in a mysterious dark smoke from a sinkhole. Starring Kim Ok Bin (Arthdal Chronicles) and Lee Joon Hyuk (365: Repeat the Year), this sci-fi thriller starts on April 24th.

What’s tickling your fancy, drama watchers? I know I’ll be making time for Taxi Driver! Let us know what you plan on watching in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Upcoming Dramas for April 2021

  1. Wow so many interesting stories to choose from! I absolutely love Ji Jin Hee when he pairs with Kim Hyun Joo! This may be their 3rd or 4th time together. Both two of my Kdrama favorites.

    • From what I have been able to gather, it is an additional cost subscription drama and is being delayed by a week or so for regular view unless you pay the extra. Hopefully, that means it will be subbed somewhere where US viewers can also watch. Even if it is a delayed airing.

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