4 Reasons to Watch You Are My Hero

Need a compelling Chinese drama to watch? Want it to be equal parts dramatic and funny? Need a male lead who looks INCREDIBLE in aviator sunglasses and a relatable female lead who’s scared of heights? Oh boy, then do I have the drama for you! Come check out my four reasons that you NEED to watch You Are My Hero.

1 – This is NOT the drama you think it is

So, we have a medical professional female lead, a military-esque male lead (he’s a police officer), and there’s plenty of peril and natural disasters and bad guys. It’s easy to think this is the Chinese remake of Descendants of the Sun. IT IS NOT.  There are pros and cons to this kind of story. The sheer volume of dangerous incidents happening to the same people isn’t totally believable, but to have two leads in place who can handle the danger? Well, that makes it worth watching.

I’m finding that the incidents in You Are My Hero are well balanced by the hospital/SWAT slice-of-life (we do have 40 episodes headed our way). It doesn’t feel like we’re headed from one adrenaline rush to another like Descendants often did.

2 – Adorable, believable leads

Sandra Ma is Mi Ka, neurosurgery resident and all around brave girl. She has fears, but she’s willing to face them. She’s also kind and competent and ready to be a friend to anyone in her circle. I really love Mi Kia. She’s a little bit oblivious when it comes to her personal relationships, but she always defaults to being helpful and thinking the best of people. Her humility and generosity go a long way towards making her super-relatable.

Bai Jing Ting is Xing Ke Lei, the baby-faced SWAT lieutenant who is a genius in combat and an adorable bumbler when he has to handle normal life things. On paper, I’m not sure that Xing Kelei’s duality would make sense. However, Bai Jing Ting is doing a fabulous job with it! When Xing Kelei knows what he’s doing, he’s in his element. When he’s confronting things like getting the girl he likes something she needs, he’s flustered and does the best he can. I really adore his character because of it.

3 – Solid secondary romance

Chen Hao is Shu Wen Bo, Xing Ke Lei’s second-in-command and all around soldier’s soldier. He’s professional and sincere and loyal, and thinks that everyone around him deserves better. Shu Wen Bo is my favorite kind of character — strong and handsome and completely incapable of guile. He’s there when he’s needed, and he’s so humble that sometimes he makes some stupid decisions as he tries to make life better for the people around him.

Jiang Pei Yao is Ruan Qing Xia, Mi Ka’s bestie and a professional journalist. She knows when to capture a story and when to pitch in, and she’s completely taken with Shu Wen Bo. Ruan Qing Xia is so smart and so talented, and yet also humble and self-aware. She’s a perfect foil to Shu Wen Bo’s guileless sincerity, and a match between the two actually makes a lot of sense. I really love their chemistry.

4 – Just the right amount of tension

Bank robbers with bombs, earthquakes in mountainous regions, and who knows what else are being thrown at our leads, and I LOVE IT. Their longing gazes as they work in the same rescue area but on different missions made me smile, and doing the little things for each other — bringing each other water or something small to eat — made my heart melt. I love them together SO MUCH!

You Are My Hero introduces plenty of nail-biting situations, but in the end, it’s easy to see that everyone is going to be okay. Come for the adorable leads and their swoony chemistry, then stay for the fluffy story that keeps you pushing play on the next episode!

Should you watch it?

On a scale of forgettable to binge-worthy, You Are My Hero is TOTALLY BINGEWORTHY. What do you think, drama fans? Will You Are My Hero be your next binge watch too? Drop down in the comments and let me know!

Until the next catastrophe, I remain —

Karie the Maknae


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5 thoughts on “4 Reasons to Watch You Are My Hero

  1. I am watching this right now, and I am halfway through and really enjoying it. The two leads have this naturalness to them that feels believable. I hope it will stay strong in the second half.

  2. I love this drama. Watched it 4x!!! Just enough of everything; love, romance, action, etc. The MLs are so good. Acting is seamless and so all the rest of the cast. Kudos to everyone on this team eso the behind the scenes staff.

    • It really did have a little bit of everything! And the actors were SPECTACULAR. I’ll be looking for more from them in the future.

  3. The best drama in 2021 (not only C-Drama but also K-Drama as well). Really set the bar high! Loved everything about this drama. Highly recommended to watch.

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