A Fangirls’ Japanese Drama Review: In-House Marriage Honey

Are you ready for a real love story, with a couple that has chemistry and commitment? In-House Marriage Honey aka Shanai Marriage Honey is a short but sweet one!


This is the story about a marriage of convenience, of a couple who meets through a dating app and tie the knot immediately. As the Viki synopsis so demurely describes to us:

“Little by little they get to know each other – and start to discover that despite the unconventional nature of their marriage, true love might not be completely out of reach after all.”


Telzeytalks: When our couple goes back to work the day after the wedding, they are surprised to see each other at the elevator. They had not shared much about themselves and had no idea that they had married someone in-house, or from within their own company. Not having told anyone they were getting married, they find it difficult to say anything now, and the longer they keep it secret the more awkward it becomes. (To explain the alternate title – the Japanese word for company is “Kaisha,” and Shanai is a contraction meaning “within the company.”)

Clkytta: Oh my gosh! I watched this under the alternate title, Shanai Marriage Honey, months ago and LOVED it! I love that these two have this marriage of convenience, but they share a workplace. I am a firm believer that they would have eventually met at work; they know all the same people!


Telzeytalks: Miura Manatsu works in the sales department. He is popular and reliable and usually serious. He suddenly decides to marry because his mother is ill and worries about him being left alone. They tell us this in the synopsis, but he doesn’t explain it to Ami until nearly the end of the drama.

Clkytta: He’s a hard working guy who just hasn’t met “the one” and he wants to make Mom happy. He is such a businessman that he takes a business-like approach to marriage. It just so happens that the woman he marries so quickly is one who matches him perfectly.

Telzeytalks: Haruta Ami is an accountant with a lively personality. She has had a long-time boyfriend who she discovers cheated on her, so she dumps him and gets married on the rebound. A flashback in the last episode actually shows us more of her emotions at that time, and we sympathize and understand more why she did what she did.

Clkytta: Our female lead has been burned pretty hard in love and she’s just done. She doesn’t want to be alone, and she is tired of being played. So she decides on a contract marriage where the expectations are clear.


Telzeytalks: So what do you do when you find yourself married to someone you like more than you expected? What kind of honey would you use to attract them? Ami flirts and Manatsu teases. She wears something skimpy, and he orders a package which she opens and finds a box of condoms. She puts them on a shelf in the living room.

Clkytta: These two have great chemistry. I loved seeing them open up to each other. What began as a contract marriage turns into something deeper and beautiful. They have so much respect for each other and when you add in the natural attraction they feel, well, it’s good storytelling and fun to watch.

Overall impressions

Telzeytalks: This is different from most romances, because events progress in a slightly different order than they would if Manatsu and Ami were dating. These two are already committed and are awkwardly working up to trusting each other and being comfortable with sexy times. I found their reactions very believable for a married couple; their problems are grownup problems and would be appreciated by grownups. The story is very sweet, and has some quite steamy scenes, considering they have stayed within their PG-13 rating.

Clkytta: I agree 100%. I love a good contract marriage where we get to see character growth as the two fall in love and this drama didn’t disappoint. We open with a wedding between strangers and end with true love. Sigh. I’m such a sucker for a good romance! Anyone have another good Japanese romance for us to try out? Tell us in the comments!

Telzeytalks and Clkytta

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3 thoughts on “A Fangirls’ Japanese Drama Review: In-House Marriage Honey

  1. I really enjoyed this, my first J drama. It was quick with minimal angst so great as I was feeling down. I did find her level of cutesyness got on my nerves. I believe this is considered attractive in Japan. Is this correct?

  2. Enjoyed this cute rom com! It was short and sweet, so great for watching on a rainy afternoon. Thanks for your review.

  3. I enjoyed this cute little romance, and the lead male was very handsome. But … I always go for one of the ‘other’ guys, and I thought the Masseur was soo cute. But I’ve yet to see who played that character. Does anyone know? I do watch Japanese dramas and romances, but I’ve not learned any names just yet.

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