Trolling the Netflix Waters: What to Watch and What to Throw Back Part 12

It is that time again for yet another glance at the classic and current dramas that we should be checking out on Netflix. So join me as I share what I think you should be watching as well as that one drama that is easily skipped.


While this drama does have a few pacing issues, Song Joong Ki’s performance is enough to make you forget any negative feelings you might have. He is killing it (pun intended) as the ex-mafia turned justice warrior, and the drama is one of his best performances to date. With only two more weeks before it ends, right now is the perfect time to start binging.

Another Miss Oh

Oh Hae Young has lived her life, constantly being compared to another girl with the same name who happens to be prettier, more talented, and just all-around better than she is. This is the story about how she overcomes this issue and finds love along the way. Seo Hyun Jin is such a fun actress to watch and has so much chemistry with the leading man Eric Mun. If you want an adult romance with a lot of quirks and charm, then this is the drama for you.

Misaeng (Incomplete Life)

This is a classic drama that everyone should try just for the quality of the performances from Im Siwan and his co-stars. Sure the synopsis seems boring, but I promise that the actual show is pretty epic and worth the effort. It also happens to be the classic drama that we are group watching/discussing on our Discord channel. Check out our Patreon page if this is something you might be interested in joining us on.

Skip It

Strongest Deliveryman

I really wanted to like this drama because Go Kyung Pyo and Chai Soo Bin are such fun actors. Sadly, the story was slow and meandered along to a mediocre finish. There are so many more engaging shows to watch in Dramaland that I think this is an easy skip.

Which show will you be watching on Netflix? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check back for more great recommendations.


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  1. Misaeng is so good. It defies genres and it stars Im Siwan who defies typecasting yet remains distinctively him.

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