Three Reasons to Watch Hello Mr. Gu

Are you looking for a fluffy Chinese romance? Do you like ditzy female leads and stoic, yet marshmallowy, male leads? Look no further than the currently airing Hello Mr. Gu! I’m a big fan of fluffy Chinese dramas, the fluffier the better, so this drama is right up my alley. I’ve only watched the first few episodes, but this looks like a great little drama. Prepare for mild spoilers, but I’ve only watched the first few episodes, so you are pretty safe from any big reveals.

MyDramaList Synopsis: A CEO with an aversion to crowds enters a contractual marriage with an impoverished heiress. With opposing personalities, they initially butt heads, only to become one another’s confidant over time. These imperfect souls help each other heal as they fall in love.

Contract Marriage

Everyone knows this is my weakness; I have a super soft spot for a couple who gets married for every reason but love. I love seeing them clash as they learn about each other. This drama actually has a decent backstory that leads to a reason for them to get married. Gu Nan Zhou (Chin Jin Ke) and Zhou Jian Qing (Yan Zi Chao) have a family history that goes way back, but the two are unfamiliar with each other. We all know that’s how all the best relationships work, right? Gu Nan Zhou’s father and Zhou Jian Qing’s father were friends, and you can connect the dots from there.

His Mama Likes Her

We are all used to the mean mom trope, but that is nowhere to be found here. We all love a mean mom, but let’s be honest, it’s refreshing to see a loving family too. I cracked up so hard at their first meeting. Mama wants Gu Nan Zhou to be happy, and when she meets Zhou Jian Qing and realizes who she is, she’s 100% behind their relationship. It doesn’t hurt that Mama forces them to take wedding photos right off the bat!

Tons of Chemistry

This drama is oozing chemistry. Our main leads seem almost attached by his tie (insert goofy giggle here) as they conveniently fall into each other’s arms. They also seem very comfortable around each other, so I had to check to see if they had worked together before. Nope, actually, both Yan Zi Chao and Chin Jing Ke are new actors. So far, I’m delighted with this pairing and I hope they can keep up the sparks.

There you have it: three reasons to watch Hello Mr. Gu. Are you enjoying this drama as much as I am? Tell me about it in the comments.

I love it cause it’s FLUFFY!


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7 thoughts on “Three Reasons to Watch Hello Mr. Gu

  1. After a truly appalling day yesterday, I pressed play last night. This is the fluffiest of Chinese fluffy dramas and made me feel better immediately.

    I love how these dramas embrace the tropes whole heartedly (the falls, the accidental kisses). It just makes me laugh and swoon.

    Anyone else think that the ML has cheekbones like Hyun Bin?

  2. Oh I am loving this! It’s the fluffiest happiest thing. Marriage Contract + Cohabitation + Stoic CEO + Cute Clumsy Hard Working Candy. So many troupes, but so easy to watch!

    Oooooh I have to recommend Love Scenery and I hope one of you gals are watching it. I like it even more than Love O2O so far *shock emoji* And I stumbled onto some Chuang 2021 clips and now I am hooked and I want all the boys to win (so much eye candy! But talent also!) And I want to watch The Long Ballad for Zhao Lu Si. So many things to watch so little time!

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