Drama Teasers of the Week

Some good-looking dramas are headed our way this week, drama fans, and Korea is getting a movie release that I am TOTALLY jealous of. Come see what’s premiering on a screen near you (mostly)!


Seobok hits theaters in Korea next week! Due to be released on April 15th, the film stars Park Bo Gum as a human clone that might have the secret to immortality and Gong Yoo as the ex-secret agent charged with protecting him. I’m totally jealous and hoping that it gets picked up by Netflix very, very soon.

Amor Fati 

KOCOWA, Viki, April 12 – Amor Fati is a healing drama, featuring people who rise again during a moment of despair and reset their lives. A poor single father and a single woman fighting cancer come together in a romance that will heal each other’s wounds. 

Law School

Netflix, April 14 – The highly anticipated Kim Bum legal drama is almost here!

Sell Your Haunted House

KOCOWA, Viki, April 14th – Jang Na Ra takes on real estate and exorcisms at the same time, all while looking fabulously stylish, of course. 

And now we’re asking the real question: What will YOU be watching? Drop down in the comments and let us know!

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