First Impressions: Checking out the Cdrama Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard

Sometimes you really have to sort through the fluffy Chinese dramas to find the ones that are worthy of your continued attention. I mean, c’mon, how do you decide to commit to something for 30+ episodes, especially if it goes all funky halfway through! I don’t know about you, but I’m addicted at that point and usually have to see it through. Thankfully, Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard is shaping up to be really good. Come see why Clkytta and this Maknae think it’s worth your time!

Let’s Start with a Little Background

Gu Chuan is a passion-filled, vibrant young man with his whole life ahead of him – until his life is turned upside down by a sudden traffic accident. He suffers life-threatening injuries to his heart and surgeons are able to save him by giving him an emergency heart transplant. But when he recovers, he discovers that he is no longer allowed to perform most forms of exercise.

Worse still, the doctors warn him that experiencing strong emotions could also end his life prematurely. He tries to return to normal life, but the changes he must make to his lifestyle take all the fizz out of his existence. He carefully avoids anything that could raise his heart rate – even if doing so turns him into a shadow of his former self.

Things take another turn, however, when a woman named Jiang Xiao Ning comes to work at the company he and his friend set up. Jiang Xiao Ning’s own back story is also tinged with sadness: She was orphaned at an early age. Regardless, she is a veritable font of positivity. Little by little, that positivity starts to rub off on Gu Chuan – but could this bond ever turn romantic, in spite of his condition? (credit to MyDramaList)

Let’s See Who’s Leading This Thing

ALLEN REN: Cdrama fans will recognize our male lead from Detective Dee and The Glory of Tang Dynasty — Allen Ren is a busy, busy actor! He handles the role of Mr. Lizard/Gu Chuan admirably — we may have decided he’s sort of an Eeyore version of Tony Stark. Maybe.

FAIR XING: Fans of My Little Happiness and Put Your Head on My Shoulder, look who we found! Fair Xing is doing a great job of bringing optimism and cheerfulness to a role that could be silly or sad. Her portrayal of Jiang Xiao Ning is sunny and likeable.

Karie the Maknae: After just 5 episodes, I have confidence in both of these leads to carry our story really well. Allen Ren is very capable — his performance is what pulled me in. I don’t think I can ever forget watching him discover that he’s impaled, but then taking the time to comfort a young Xiao Ning, trapped in the car with her unresponsive parents. And I’ve been a fan of Fair Xing since Put Your Head on My Shoulder. Her bubbliness in the first few episodes feels forced, but the rest of her interactions — and her chemistry with Allen Ren — are PERFECT.

Clkytta: Allen Ran is hot and even though he’s supposed to be this stoic robot of a man, he manages to emote a lot with his eyes. Fair Xing is one of my favorite Chinese actresses because she has that sweet clueless face, but she picks plucky SMART girl roles. She’s capable and cute. Karie, I think her bubbliness feels forced because she IS forcing herself not to go into a dark place. She has too much to lose, so she just pushes it all down and smiles and tries again. She expects things to go wrong, so she just keeps moving forward.

What About That Story, Though?

The first few episodes of Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard are compelling to watch. There are no shenanigans — instead, we’re thrown right into the mysteriously deliberate car accident that takes Xiao Ning’s parents and Gu Chuan’s heart. Jumping ahead 10 years, we see that life hasn’t been kind to them in many ways. Gu Chuan’s activities are limited by his mechanical replacement heart, and Xiao Ning’s limited by the fact that she just can’t hang on to a job, even though it’s not her fault.

Karie the Maknae: I’m still wrapping my head around Gu Chuan having an apartment big enough to hold his charging chamber! Don’t get me wrong — it looks very, VERY cool, but it breaks my brain a little trying to figure out how he crammed it into his home. I’m also loving the doctor who’s in charge of his heart — the man is a HOOT. And Xiao Ning’s family too — I loveloveLOVE her aunt. She’s funny and real and so supportive of Xiao Ning. Her best friend, who takes down predators and other bystanders like a queen, ROCKS. I’m also loving how easily Xiao Ning fits into Gu Chuan’s company, making friends with everyone. The part I’ll be watching most closely is how the three men now in Xiao Ning’s life are all tied together. That’s gonna be fun.

Clkytta: I have a lot to say about the three men in Xiao Ning’s life. It can’t be a coincidence how everyone is connected. I’m suspicious of all of it. Could one of them be connected to what happened to her parents? I love her family and how close they are, and they appreciate what she does for them instead of thinking she’s unlucky. I have high hopes for Bestie to find a man she doesn’t want to knock out.

Would We Recommend?

Karie the Maknae: From what I’ve seen so far, this story has a depth that should carry it through the entire episode run. I already know that Fair Xing is more than capable of choosing good roles that bring all the happy feels to my screen, and I’m interested to see how Allen Ren will do. I have so many questions: will she be as unlucky as a crow? Is he really cold-blooded? Just what else is going on??

Clkytta: I totally recommend it. This drama is fun and interesting. The characters have just enough mystery to make you want to know more, and the storyline keeps you on the edge. I love the various genres we have packed in here: rom-com, mystery, sci-fi, and action. Bestie is an action hero, don’t fight me on this! It’s also kept my Chinese foreign exchange student glued to the screen and laughing her head off, so there’s another vote from my house.

Will you be joining us in our Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard watch? Drop down in the comments below and let us know!

Until the next trip into the charging chamber, we remain —

Clkytta & Karie the Maknae

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3 thoughts on “First Impressions: Checking out the Cdrama Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard

  1. I love this drama as well and am even stalking any kind of trailer or clips for future episodes on You Tube as six episodes a week is just not enough. I just recently discovered both of these main actors and have already binge watched most of their dramas so was super excited to see them starring in one together so am in it till the end which am hoping will have a happy ending.

    • I know that feeling! I did the same thing with Seven Tan and Steven Zhang when I discovered them. This is SUCH a great drama, and Allen Ren has a new one coming out with Bai Lu very soon!

  2. Xing Fei and Allen Ren have special chemistry on screen. Hope they will make another drama new drama after this…I know many viewers and fans will request and suggest to see them both in new drama…more dramas to come with them together… This drama is masterpiece.

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