A Positive Recap: Word of Honor Ep 21-24

Reality is starting to hit our sweet soulmates as enemies start to get closer and closer to Wen Kexing’s secret identity. Not to mention Zhou Zishu’s quickly diminishing health. Will they be able to overcome their tragic fate? Let’s find out.

I owe you a debt

Discovering that it was his disciple that destroyed Wen Kexing’s family…. more or less. Ye Baiyi decides that he has a debt of honor that needs to be paid. Ye Baiyi declares that he will do anything Wen Kexing asks for, and it is no surprise that he asks for Ye Baiyi to save Zhou Zishu. Ye Baiyi agrees to this and leaves our OTP to find the needed cure.

Kmuse: I’m a bit sad that our group is splitting up. I really loved the snarking between Ye Baiyi and Wen Kexing. Also, did anyone else notice that in the last scene of ep 24, Ye Baiyi had a streak of white hair? Is he aging finally?

Kdrama Jen: I love the way having Ye Baiyi there brings out some jealousy. It was also predictable that Wen Kexing would use his wish to save his soulmate, but also SO swoontastic! What better way to show your regard for someone than to use your “I can wish for anything card” to save his life? So romantic!

Drama Geek: There was totally a white hair there at the end of 24. Maybe spending time with Kexing made him age. Also, swoon that Wen Kexing used his wish for his sweetie.

Fighting within the ranks

Our big bad Evil 2nd Brother has decided that he needs to kill off the beautiful Tragicomic Ghost. It turns out that she is his ex-fiance, who he screwed over. But since she took a drink from the well that takes away memories, she doesn’t remember his betrayal. Just that men couldn’t be trusted, hence her tormenting those men that were unfaithful. Long story short, Evil Brother sends the Scorpian King out to kill her.

However, because of her crazy mutterings, Scorpion King realizes that she has something to do with his “father”. Instead of killing her and her underling, he takes them hostage. Once again proving that he is playing his own game behind his “father’s” back.

Kmuse: Uhm… how hot was The Scorpion King when he threw a knife through that ghost leader’s throat? I might need to go see a therapist and discuss why television bad guys murdering people is such a turn-on for me. I also really loved that fight sequence between Lecherous and Glamorous ghost. It was some great choreography and I was very impressed with how visually pleasing it was.

Kdrama Jen: I love that I can always predict which evil bad guy Kmuse is going to gush over. I have to admit, there is something about Scorpion King that is very appealing. I love his braids and his guyliner is perfection. I am enjoying how he is playing different sides and really only loyal to himself.

Drama Geek: If you go to the counselor, Kmuse, you’ll need picture proof of all the hot evil bad guys you love. You may end up with another fan! Is Scorpion King playing only his side or is he suddenly disillusioned with his “father”? I was telling Kmuse that it’s good Wexing didn’t meet this guy first, they would have had a very messy relationship with all their issues. Okay, they would have had a HOT messy relationship.

Badass Gu Xiang

Our bad guys were not the only ones to have some great fight sequences. Gu Xiang and Cao Weining reunited with our soulmates and Chengling. They were, once again, attacked, and everyone got their moment to shine. Even Chengling didn’t really go on the offensive since he had only been taught the fancy footwork from Zhou Zishu. But it was Gu Xiang who once again proved she was the best fighter out there. She took down an extensive amount of the bad guys and looked totally epic while doing it.

Kmuse: Between Gu Xiang and Wen Kexing killing people with his fan, I was totally enthralled. It is so fun to watch them let their inner bad guy out to kick butt. I also laughed when Wen Kexing reproached his protege for having blood all over her, but she shrugged and said it was everyone else’s and not hers. So cute and sassy.

Kdrama Jen: The fight scenes are really entertaining. The choreography is unique and I am also a sucker for a well-wielded fan!

Drama Geek: Someone get Chengling a bracelet that turns into a dagger, that boy needs to defend himself along with that fancy footwork.

Go live a life in hiding

Realizing that Gu Xiang had real feelings for Cao Weining, Wen Kexing gives her his blessings and tells her to marry and be happy. Keep the fact that she had been part of the Ghost Valley Sect a secret for the rest of her life and reinvent herself. Gu Xiang admits that she knows that Cao Weining’s sect probably has the glazed armor, and she begs her master not to kill them all. Wen Kexing looks at her sadly and promises that he will not go after the glazed armor. He also admits that the Glazed Armor is just a red herring and that his real revenge will take a different path. Gu Xiang leaves with Cao Weining, realizing that she might not be able to keep her identity secret but determined to spend every moment she can with the person she loves.

Kmuse: I love how important it is to Wen Kexing to see his underling taken care of and happy. I am loving that we had this break to really learn about their relationship and how much they mean to each other. The relationship-building in this show really is top-notch.

Kdrama Jen: It seems like bit by bit we are peeling back the layers of Wen Kexing. I had wondered about why he seemed to have a soft spot for this girl, but at the same time could be so ruthless. It has been like putting pieces of a puzzle together very slowly, and now we are beginning to see the picture!

Drama Geek: I loved these scenes between them after finding out how young Wen Kexing joined the Ghost Valley. They were both too young to decide to be there on their own and should have the ability to walk away from it and become different people.

Hand porn and group hugs

So we here at DWASOK love ourselves some great hand skinship. Especially when it is filled with all kinds of extra “meanings” and emotions. Not to mention the director gave us so many great hugging and touching moments to fangirl over. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

And yes, there was actual plot happening during all of these moments.

But how do they expect us to focus on the angst and turmoil when there is all this great hand skinship happening at the same time?

So sit back and enjoy the cute group hugs and remember to go watch a second time so the plot actually sinks into your brain. Or not, because who can think over the squealing of this found family’s skinship moments?

Kmuse: So visually beautiful. Every moment that they are physically touching is a work of art.

Kdrama Jen: What was the plot?? I might have been distracted. I just have to say, the sweet moments and gentle touches are absolutely epic. They are definitely one of my favorite OTPs!

Drama Geek: The way this show is able to show how much they care about each other and just now get in some real skinship is pure censor evading genius. I was also happy that it seems Zishu seems has figured out who Kexing is and he was taking such good care of him as he was wrestling with all of his guilt.

Final Thoughts:

Kmuse: I know I started this for our OTP’s great chemistry but I am very emotionally invested in everyone’s stories. I am so worried about the fallout that is going to start next week.

Kdrama Jen: I am so glad to be back this week to add my thoughts. I got a bit tangled up in real life, but now I am back and looking forward to the next few episodes!

Drama Geek: When we finally get away from the brothers and their stupid alliance we can really get to the heart of this show. I’m crazy about this OTP and I am not looking forward to the angst that is yet to come.

Til the next flirty moment,

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3 thoughts on “A Positive Recap: Word of Honor Ep 21-24

  1. I believe Ye Baiyi’s hair turning white has to do with him leaving his immortal existence as he is lonely and tired of it, and living, eating, and finishing up his business in their world. His body is starting to age and deteriorate. At least according to the novel, if I understood it correctly haha

  2. No I don’t think it has. Or I missed it too! Just a little mention when he is first introduced about being tired of immortality or being alone. They never explain about his diet on the mountain (ice chips) and immortality and why he eats so much either, which is such a focus in his intro episode… or I completely missed it. I’ve noticed subtitles and interpretations have differed quite a bit between Youku, Viki, and Youtube, which I have bounced around watching this show. I think I need to go back and re-watch from the beginning because I feel like maybe I missed a lot. I read the novel after starting the show, maybe I should have read it first haha! I feel like the show, in order to include everything, assumes most have or will read the novel to fill in the blanks.

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