Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 2

Myeol Mang and Dong Kyung have made their deal, and now they have to proceed. But, in true fated romance tradition, neither of them is expecting emotions to become involved. Come read the fine print as I discuss episode 2 of Doom At Your Service.

The deal is made

We left our fated OTP, stuck in the middle of the street with the white truck of doom about to run an incapacitated Dong Kyung over. But, before that can happen, the world pauses (can I just break in to say that this whole scene was absolutely beautifully filmed?) Myeol Mang tells her to choose. Either die now or accept his help for the next 100 days. Dong Kyung ends up taking Doom’s hand and accepts his help in relieving the pain she feels as well as his presence in her life until she uses her wish.

Skinship charging

Myeol Mang had agreed to take away Dong Kyung’s pain until her death. But in order to be pain-free Dong Kyung must hold Myeol Mang’s hand. SQUEEEEE! When she asks how she is supposed to go through her day to day existence holding his hand, Myeol Mang creates a red string bracelet that will relieve her cancer symptoms. But Dong Kyung must recharge it regularly through holding his hand. Something tells me that already Myeol Mang is connecting with Dong Kyung. Somehow, I don’t see him skinshipping with everyone he makes deals with.

The fine print

As the day goes on and Dong Kyung has more time to contemplate the deal she made, the more she kind of regrets her impulsive decision. Especially when Myeol Mang informs her that before the 100 days is over, she has to call “Doom” down upon someone. If she doesn’t, the person she loves the most at that moment will die instead. When Dong Kyung balks at actually destroying anyone’s life, Myeol Mang snaps her back to the moment the truck of doom is going to hit her and tells her to choose. If she wants to die now, she can, but if she wants to live, she has to stick to their deal. Dong Kyung stays strong for longer than expected but shouts out to be saved just before the truck mows her over. Myeol Mang just smirks knowingly. Something in his expression says that he expects the worst from everyone he interacts with.

Can we kill her ex?

We have seen many scummy men over the years while watching dramas. However, Dong Kyung’s married ex-boyfriend must be one of the worst. Instead of accepting that he was caught cheating and realizing that he was in the wrong, scummy ex goes to Dong Kyung’s work and begins a loud protest over her succubus ways and ruining his marriage. The majority of her co-workers realize that he is beyond scummy, but it is only when manager Cha Joo Ik kicks him out that her ex stops screaming. Can we just call “Doom” down upon the toxic man right now? I think we can all agree that he needs to go ASAP.

I demand clavicles

Talking about Cha Joo Ik (Lee Soo Hyuk), what is the deal with all these turtlenecks that our khotties are sporting? I’m not a fan of the fashion trend, to begin with, and then the stylist went all-in with the neck covering style. Joo Ik especially has a very long neck, and he is covered all the way to his chin. I just want to go on record of saying this is a tragedy. Both he and Seo In Guk have such gorgeous neck and chests that they deserve deep V shirts that show off those gorgeous clavicles.

God and Doom

The relationship between God and Doom (Myeol Myung) is very interesting. In this story, they were created by the wish of humans for meaning. God creates, and Doom is what balances the bad with the good in the world. God is constantly reborn into human bodies afflicted with illnesses, while Doom, at least so far, is just a constant. When asked why Myeol Myung has to go through this existence, causing destruction, God simply answers that it is fate. So far, we seem to be getting a better understanding of the rules of our gods with each episode. I hope this continues since I still have so many questions as to how this whole thing works.

Move in with me

Dong Kyung has begun preparing everything for her death by making sure that her writer friend is set to proceed with her career after Dong Kyung is gone. She also lets her opinion be known to a sketchy writer that creates stories with problematic protagonists and even takes the photo for her wake. It is only with Myeol Myung, while recharging her battery bracelet (thank goodness for sexy kinship), that her fears and anger at fate seem to come to service. We also get indicators (anyone notice the flickering lights anytime Myeol Myung gets emotional) that our flippant Doom deity is not satisfied with his existence as well. When arriving home, Dong Kyung discoverers her scummy ex, drunk at her door, and it is the last straw. When Myeol Myung steps up as her “boyfriend” to get rid of her ex, Dong Kyung shocks the deity when she says that they should actually make part of his ruse the truth. They should move in together until she dies. Myeol Myung’s shock is evident, but it soon shifts to a partial smirk, and you can tell that he likes this new shift in their relationship.

Final thoughts:

Am I the only one that feels like these episodes are flying by? There is so much amazing story being told and, so far, there has not been any unnecessary filler. It might also be the amazing charisma of Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk. So far their performance has been seamless and I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a couple’s chemistry as much as I have them. From the effortless hand holding to the more emotionally charged moments, every moment is used to make the viewer super invested. So much so that I almost dread the romantic feelings that are going to start developing. You would have to be an idiot to not realize that the clause of Dong Kyung’s most loved person dying could easily be Myeol Myung. Just the thought has me biting my nails. While I would be able to deal with a sad ending as long as the story stays strong, I’m still hoping that a miracle happens and we get the happy ever after finale for our OTP.

Until the next questionable wish,


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7 thoughts on “Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 2

  1. I agree with your thoughts Kmuse. The 2 episodes flew by so fast that I was left wanting more. This is is the fastest OTP development I have ever seen in K-dramas. Hand-holding by ep 2 & moving in by ep 3. If the OTP were somebody else, it would not have worked this well. Only SIG & PBY can pull this trope off this fast. Even then, it doesn’t put me off at all. Their chemistry took off the moment they met at the hospital. Their banter just drew me immediately. I’m totally invested & I can watch their scenes together for eternity. Separately, the show seemed to drag on a tiny bit.

    Now, the cinematography. It was absolutely gorgeous. Simply breath-taking. The yellowy autumn colours and pinkish hue at the beach. It reminded me of the lushness of Descendants of the Sun, Goblin & My Love From the Star.

    In Guk’s acting skills. My gosh, this guy can do any expression and KILL IT every single time. Smirk like sexy hot. Cold death stare at the murderer. Anguished tortured soul when hearing voices in his head. I especially adore the way he puts the cig into his mouth. His tongue seems to work in tandem with his lips to create the distinctive SIG smoking style. Only that he never ever gets to actually smoke the cig. His expression when DK suggested moving in was truly a sight to behold. Dropping cig just at the right angle together with his startled look ala Stephen Chow in classic HK film comedies. The funny part I love best is his Yeobo & softly whispered nampyeon (hubby) or namchin (BF) line.

    PBY’s DK. I love that for once, she’s the normal working girl struggling to stay afloat. She is neither shrill, a push-over nor damsel-in-distress needed rescuing at the drop of a hat.

    All in all, I can’t wait for the cohabitation part to open the floodgates of more comedic plots to unfold. Sharing a bed, cooking meals, the whole she-bang plus weaving in the darker elements. I’m all for more Doom.

  2. Sorry, I’m so mesmerised by Doom that I’m still not understanding the actual contract! Is she only allowed one wish? Well hell, I’d say get rid of my cancer! But since that doesn’t seem to be an option, is the agreement that she gets to live 100 days pain free, but if she doesn’t by the 100th day ask doom to bring doom upon everyone, she will lose a loved one? Sorry, but I’m frustratingly confused! HELP! The turtlenecks are my weakness!

    • From what i have pieced together. She has to wish doom upon someone within the 100 days. If she doesnt choose then it will automatically go to the person she loves the most when she dies. I’m not sure if that means death or just something bad happens to the person she chooses.

      • but then why does doom ask dong gyung to make a wish? like for example when dong gyung wanted her ex to get out of her life, and doom asks her whether that was her wish. but isn’t her wish supposed to wish doom upon someone?

  3. Oh, thanks! Apparently the other forums people love the drama and are confused by the contract in equal measures, so I don’t feel so stupid now!

  4. The Annying Ex actor is so good at playing a loser, both here and in When the Camellia Blooms. I know he’s the main lead in an upcoming drama and it makes it so hard for me to take him seriously.

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