Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 3

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I have a fondness for made families. Too often, real families aren’t the happy unit we wish they were. Family life comes with drama, but there is an unbreakable bond (good or bad) between family members. What would you do if you knew that wishing doom on the world would cause your family to suffer? Our characters start to reveal lots of connections, family and otherwise. Who will end up being the person Dong Kyung loves the most? Ugh, it’s too much for my brain to handle during finals week. Please send soju, snacks, and a khottie!

Bad Families

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As the relatives fight over what to do with the children, Aunt Soo Ja shows up. The other elders are discussing sending the children away to a home. Soo Ja declares that she will take the children. She’s crying as hard as they are, and she’s the only one who seems to be actually mourning. I really want to punch the one uncle who is overly eager to ship the kids off. It’s painful to think about, and all the fangirls lit up the chat with what we would do in the same situation.

Let’s Live Together

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As Dong Kyung ponders if he’s Luck or Misfortune (we all know he’s Doom), she tells him they should just live together. Instant regret! Now she’s at his house playing on his furniture. Their bickering is delightful as he accuses her of falling for him. She tells him she’s worried that he will disappear because he’s nice to her. She wants to keep him close so she can keep an eye on him. She’s fully prepared to move in, but he nixes that real quick. All doors lead to his living room! Meanwhile, her brother is willing to fight for her virtue. I’m not sure about Brother as a person, but he’s a fantastic brother. He may be a moocher, but he’s determined to chase bad guys away. I’m still laughing at him trying to drink Doom under the table. Instead, they become besties, and he gives Doom his seal of approval.

Cozy Little Heart to Heart

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Immortals don’t see or feel things the same way humans do or do they? Dong Kyung has a sleepy conversation with Myeol Mang, where she quizzes him on various things. Why must the world come to an end? Why is he doing all of this? Why do Immortals seem always to pity humans? He says he’s not human, and he doesn’t have a heart. She calls him out to say that he was thinking the same thing as her. As much as he tries to remain aloof, she seems to see something more in him.

Oreo O’s and Reality

Hold up for a moment. Dong Kyung is eating Oreo O’s; we don’t have those here anymore. Now I’m HUNGRY!

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Back to the story, they’ve joined houses, literally. He’s made it so that her house opens up into his living room. He pretty much stays on his side on his couch while she stays on her side. It’s time for a breakdown of the contract. 1. Before she dies, she has to wish doom on the world. 2. She will live for 100 days, and she won’t be in pain. 3. Like Cinderella, she has to recharge by midnight. 4. One of her wishes will come true. 5. If she breaks the contract, someone she loves will die. No matter what, the person she loves most will die. This is a problem.

Ghost in the machine

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Myeol Mang may be hanging out at home, but that doesn’t mean he’s not annoying her every chance he can get. He’s typing on her documents, talking through the ATM, and playing with menus. He wants her to come home because the heat is on, but of course, when she goes home, it’s all fixed. Myeol Mang is busy playing doctor and reenacting when Dong Kyung was diagnosed with her tumor. He’s curious why her reactions are not normal; she didn’t cry and freak out.

Accidental Meetup?

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Cue a cameo for Son Woo Hyun as Siberia, the writer who’s been out of pocket. She meets him at a funeral, where they have a cute nerdy talk about his books. It’s hard for Dong Kyung to be at the funeral parlor. Someone in a red hoodie bumps her, and she sees another image of Myeol Mang at her parents’ funeral. Guess who the red hoodie is? It’s the girl that Doom visits in the hospital, and I’m getting weird vibes from her. Dong Kyung tells Myeol Mang that she saw him across the hall and he was crying. What’s going on here? Who is he really?

I’m Not Scared of You

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Back at home, Myeol Mang pretends to sleep on his couch as Dong Kyung asks a million questions. (Kmuse wants to make sure I tell y’all all about how sexy Seo In Guk sounds as he uses a fake sleepy voice. Girl, we know that he sounds sexy no matter what tone he’s using!) He warns her not to show her bracelet to people; it could be used against her. She teases him that he likes her and it’s time for a recharge. They are super close to each other as she recharges. She leans in close to him, and he reminds her he’s dangerous. So much chemistry! She asks who he lost, and he says his mother. She continues to tease him about crying. In his car, we find out that he was crying over the little girl. Everyone is teasing him about crying! She’s got a secret too.

Side Stories Side Story

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We’ve got side stories, and something seems to be brewing between Manager Cha Joo Ik and Writer Na Ji Na. He shows up to a meeting knowing way too much about her. Do I smell romance? I need there to be some kind of romance cause she’s gorgeous and he’s a high-tier khottie. She’s hung up on an old flame and I’m wondering if we will have a little love triangle here? Moment for fangirling: I love Seo In Guk, but Lee Soo Hyuk’s voice is the stuff a girl can dream about for days. Why hasn’t he had a proper lead role in a while? He should be in flowy shirts and his hair needs to be a little longer.


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Our OTP bickers about the past, her memories of the past specifically. Hospital Girl is doing all she can to interfere. Myeol Mang goes to confront her, and they spar verbally. Everyone has something to lose here, and this feels like a game no one wants to play. Dong Kyung comes home to a serious Myeol Mang. He tells her he remembers her. He says that he was kind to her for no reason, and he says he will deny her his hand. She immediately starts hurting and reaches for his hand. He asks if that’s her wish, and she refuses to say yes. He reaches out to her instead, and as she relaxes, he tells her that he’s not human. He says that the only way she can kill him is to bring doom to the world. She goes to jump off the building, and he grabs her. She reveals her plan. She’s going to love him the most, so he will die, and she will live.

My Thoughts

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This story is like an onion, with lots and lots of layers. Who’s more calculating, Myeong Mang or Dong Kyung? I thought our black-clad immortal was the one to watch out for, but it looks like the human girl is the one who knows she has the most to lose. Losing is the name of the game here too, someone has to die, and it has to be someone you love the most. I don’t care if it’s a calculated love or not; this is going to be painful for our characters and for us, the audience. I’m prepared to have my heart wrenched out of my chest.

Until the next questionable wish,


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