Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 4

This episode shows us that when emotions are running high, it only takes one dramatic glance to turn hate into, well, maybe not love. But I would say that we are at least at the intense interest phase of our OTP’s relationship. Come find out what happens as I chat about all things episode 4 of Doom At Your Service.


Dong Kyung is one smart cookie and has already figured out that all she needs to do to keep her brother and friends safe is fall in love with Myeol Mang. She just needs to figure out how to fall in love with the man/deity that is tormenting her, for this to work. Well, there is also the pesky fact that she would be losing someone that she loved above everyone else, but let’s not focus on that yet.

This bed is a battlefield

Dong Kyung is bringing out the big guns… in the form of her bedding which she lays half in her apartment and half in Myeol Mang’s. She informs him that they are going to sleep together, and since he doesn’t actually sleep, he can at least pretend. Myeol Mang stalks across the floor and tells her to follow him, into a bedroom that magically appears through one of his doors. He tells Dong Kyung (while sexily caging her against the door) that she better not regret coming into his room. They fall asleep back to back, but sometime during the night, they shift so they are facing each other. Dong Kyung is asleep but Myeol Mang stares at her with a soft considering look in his eyes. Myeol Mang reaches his hands up as if to touch her face but pauses before making contact. Instead of staying in bed and being tempted, Myeol Mang goes out into the streets and looks into everyone’s thoughts to confirm that humans are all very selfish.

Love triangle

I hope that I am not the only one who is totally enjoying the secondary lead’s romance. Although, I am not sure which boy will be endgame in said romance. We have Writer Na Ji Na who has a past with two eligible hotties. The first is her first love, the golden swimming boy turned coffee shop owner. The man who caught her attention by smelling clean, like soap back in high school. She confessed her feelings and while we don’t know how he responded, we learn that she never kissed him. He is back in Korea and going to a reunion where they will be reunited.

On the other side, we have uptight Manager Cha Joo Ik. Yes, the Cha Joo Ik who is Dong Kyung’s boss. It turns out that while Writer Na Ji Na might not have been interested in our stoic hottie, he was at least interested enough (although he claims it was because of pity) to give her a kiss. Her very first kiss. You can already tell that there might be some hidden interest festering deep inside.

Color me surprised when our two possible secondary leading men met in an elevator and turned out to be living together and brothers? Step-brothers? In some way connected, which brings our love triangle to a whole new level of awkward coincidence. I have to admit that I am firmly Team Writer Na Ji Na.

How do I fall in love?

Dong Kyung starts to realize the problem with her new plan. How does she force herself to fall in love? She heads over to Google to find the answer. In a chat room (all about falling in love) she researches various ways people say they “fell into love” and focuses on one suggestion saying, if you can dream about the person then that is game over. You are destined to fall in love with them. Lucky for our leading lady, she has a deity that can pop himself into her dreams at will.

She first asks Myeol Mang to poof their dream selves into a high school setting where she is the weak, sickly, girl and he is the nice guy who blocks a ball from smacking her in the head. Myeol Mang smiles sweetly at her and Dong Kyung breaks character shouting, “stop.” and has him switch to the next fantasy.

This time she requests a Church Oppa vibe where Dong Kyung is the sweet girl who follows her crush to college. He is the older studious boy who looks super sexy in a pair of spectacles. Just like the previous time, Dong Kyung stops the fantasy and with a cranky expression and says, “next scenario.”

The final scene has them in an expensive car, Myeol Mang looking super-rich and sexy. Dong Kyung orders him to back the car up in a manly fashion and then adds a cparking ticket between his lips. Just as before, it doesn’t work for her, and Dong Kyung calls another halt. This time saying that she needs to actually get to know him if she is going to fall in love. Rather than somewhere her mind creates, Dong Kyung wants to see what is in Myeol Mang’s subconscious world.

His inner world is filled with flowers but turns dark as he passes by each one. A place of black and grays that is as cold as the facade Myeol Mang portrays to the world. However, as Dong Kyung feels pity and comes closer, the color comes back to life around him. Myeol Mang glances to the side, sees the color and pops them out of the dream, and escapes the apartment.

I wish you dead

After a fight with her brother, Dong Kyung’s emotions are raw. This means it is time for Myeol Mang to go on the emotional attack. He bates her with the suggestion that he will bring doom upon her brother. This enrages Dong Kyung to the point where she screams that she wishes for Myeol Mang to die. Myeol Mang pops them into the woods and gives her a loaded gun, and tells her to shoot. When Dong Kyung hesitates, he takes the gun and puts it under his chin, pulling the trigger. Nothing happens, and he explains that if he could die, he would have killed himself long before now. Dong Kyung vows to make Myeol Mang miserable, to which he replies, that she is welcome to try. He doubts she will be able to since she can’t go a day without wanting to hold his hand to avoid the pain.

Brother learns the truth

Jumping back a bit, we see Dong Kyung’s younger brother showing up once again and asking for money. This time he indicates interest in learning how to color hair since it is the new “in” profession among the popular crowd. Dong Kyung explodes and asks when her brother is going to grow up. How is he going to take care of himself if she isn’t there to take care of him? She gives example after example of classes that she paid for her brother to “find” himself. The brother, in a selfish fashion, explodes at his sister saying that she needs to stop blaming him for her life. He isn’t the reason she isn’t happy and stuck in a job she hates.

He stomps away only to end up in the hospital with a minor scrape on his knee. He cons a nurse into calling Dong Kyung who rushes to the hospital, only to overhear him phoning his friend, saying that Dong Kyung will feel guilty and will for sure give him the money he wants. Selfish Brother glances up and sees that his sister overheard and chases after her. Only to be stopped by Dong Kyung’s doctor. He informs her brother about her situation and Selfish Brother goes through the hospital sobbing for his sister.

How can you love this?

Myeol Mang continues stalking the knife killer from earlier episodes. This time he pops into the courtroom to watch as the killer is sentenced to life in prison. Smirking as the killer becomes enraged at the god’s presence. So much so, that he accidentally knocks himself out and the guards rush him to the hospital. Myeol Mang is at the hospital entrance waiting for his arrival. However, Myeol Mang is surprised at Dong Kyung’s presence there and doesn’t anticipate that she will jump between him and the knife the killer tries to stab him with. Myeol Mang grabs the knife with his bare hand before it can enter Dong Kyung’s back and his face goes coldly empty. Enraged, Myeol Mang forces the man to slash his own throat, stating that he is taking back what he had previously given him. Blood splatters over Myeol Mang’s face and he stoically looks at Dong Kyung stating, “I told you that you will not be able to love me. Everyone either resents me, wants me, or is afraid of me.”

Final Thoughts

Wow, talk about a dramatic ending. The addition of Ailee’s song at the conclusion of each episode just intensifies the emotions. I really like how they are using small bits of the instrumental version of the song to emphasize certain moments and then we get the full oomph at the end when it makes everything mean more. Talking about oomph, can we just take a moment and discuss how much chemistry these two have together? It doesn’t matter whether they are smiling, screaming, or playing cosplay dreaming together, they just have enough sizzle to keep a viewer watching for hours and hours. I know it keeps me glued to my screen.

Until the next questionable wish,


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6 thoughts on “Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 4

  1. I’m loving this show so much. I was worried it would be too sad, but the battle of wits between the two main characters is really great.

    Also, there’s a random Scorpion King pic? 🙂

    • There is? It is not showing up on my screen. But I am also recovering from my second vaccination shot and a bit out of it so there is a very good possibility I messed something up

      • OK Went in on an account that isn’t connected to the blog and it was scorpion king! Went in and fixed it but let me know if it is showing up wrong again.

  2. FYI it was a parking ticket in Myeong Mang’a mouth, not a credit card. Because the online commenter said “the parking ticket is a must!” for the reverse driving swoon.

    I love how for all his talk, Myeong Mang’s actions repeatedly show that he already cares about Dong Kyung. He’s falling first!

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