Upcoming Dramas for June 2021

Drama fans, there is a week on the horizon where the releases will be RELENTLESS. The romance and the comedy will be flying to your screens! Come see what dramas you can look forward to in June.

Penthouse 3: War of Life – June 4, KOCOWA

The makjang hit is returning with another season! There will be bankruptcy and court cases and revenge and MURDER. 

Blue Spring from a Distance – June 14, Viki

Billed as a coming of age story, Blue Spring from a Distance features a rich and handsome puppy of a college freshman, Yeo Joon (Park Ji Hoon, Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency), who ends up making friends with they very different Nam Soo Hyun (Bae In Hyuk, Kiss Goblin). 

Monthly House – June 16, iQIYI

To rent or to own? Somehow, that is the question behind this romcom starring Jung So Min (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes) and Kim Ji Suk (My Unfamiliar Family).

Hospital Playlist 2 – June 17, Netflix

In case you missed it the first time around, Hospital Playlist 2 is the second season of the stellar Hospital Playlist, which centered on the lives and loves of five doctors working in the same hospital. It’s warm, it’s funny, it’s full of grief and joy, and oh yeah — the doctors are all in a band. Come see the drama The Fangirls all approve of!

Voice 4: Judgment Hour – June 18

This installment of Voice tells the story of a voice profiler (Lee Ha Na, A Piece of Your Mind) at an emergency call center and the detective (Song Seung Heon, Dinner Mate) she must collaborate with.

So Not Worth It – June 18, Netflix

It’s likely that this Netflix original sitcom will be dropping all 10 episodes on the same day, so get ready to watch the antics of a multinational group of students who all live in the same university dorm in Seoul. 

Nevertheless – June 19, Netflix 

Flirty Park Jae Uhn (Song Kang, Navillera, Sweet Home) finds his flirting skills — and his heart — challenged when he meets Yoo Na Bi (Han So Hee, The World of the Married), who no longer trusts in love. 

You know we’ll have Hospital Playlist 2 at the top of our watchlist! What will you be watching?

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