Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 7

Is anyone else a little afraid of the Childlike God? I still feel like we have a lot of dots to connect with her and the storyline. We had an amazing kiss and then poof! Doom disappeared. Dong Kyung mentioned that everyone who gets close to her disappears; is that a part of her fate? What kind of craptastic fate does she have that she loses everyone that she loves? There has to be a loophole here somewhere.

A Normal World

The wall is back up, and Doom’s house is gone. Dong Kyung’s boss is back and as annoying as ever. Everything seems like it was before she met Doom. Little Punk Writer is back, trying to negotiate with her. Gosh, he’s so cute! He’s going to finish his novel because he keeps dreaming that if he doesn’t finish the novel, his life will be ruined. Apparently, Doom is still around; he’s just avoiding her.

Childlike God is Cruel

Doom is going down Dong Kyung’s memory lane. It seems like every step in her life has been fraught with hardships. Childlike God tells Doom he’s responsible for everything. He should have been helping Dong Kyung, but he must have been doing something else, so bad things kept happening. She even blames him for the tumor. He gets angry and breaks her room, but she resets it. Then she mocks him for causing Dong Kyung’s life to be a mess and still wanting her to love him. Wow, that’s a lot of blame there. I don’t think I like Childlike God very much.

Where Were You?

Doom tells Dong Kyung that he was chased out of her life, but he’s back. He’s mad about everything and she’s irritated with him. She tells him to go home, through his door, not hers. She wants to know where he lives so she can find him again. His house is ginormous! Both Dong Kyung and I are in awe. She is impressed that it’s a real place. He tells her that if he’s chased away again, she won’t be able to find his house. He says that she can’t love him, so her wish isn’t one he can fulfill. He’s cutting ties with her to protect both of their hearts, but she doesn’t know that. Then, she’s back at her house. This is so frustrating.

Lost Loves and Regret

Hottie Cafe Owner is thinking about Writer Friend. She was his first love and now we get backstory on why they broke up. You have to be kidding me, he failed his SAT and didn’t make it into university. So he gives his phone to Cha Jo Ik and makes him talk to her. Na Ji Na notices the difference in word structure, but doesn’t realize it’s not Lee Hyun Gu writing. That’s how the break up happens, THAT’S how they broke up! Oh Hottie Cafe Owner, why are you so dumb and cute? He liked her so much and he was too embarrassed to tell her the truth. I’m not sure if I feel bad for him or not.

It’s a Small World

Our little group of friends are unaware that they have so many connections through the past and the present. Hottie Cafe Owner has befriended Dong Kyung’s little brother, and now they know that they have Dong Kyung in common, but not Writer Friend. We have a little love triangle for real now. This is a bit messy. Cha Jo Ik is the one who created the whole text breakup mess with Hottie Cafe Owner and Writer, but then he makes it worse because he gives her her first kiss! Is he just careless with relationships, or is it something more? I’m having a bit of trouble following this storyline. I don’t want Cha Jo Ik to be a creep.

Live Life to the Fullest

Dong Kyung has lost another writer. This time it’s someone who has a terminal illness, and the writer tells her to live her life to the fullest. At a company dinner, they talk about their dreams. Dong Kyung says her’s is to live recklessly. One of the writers attends the dinner and mouths off about the writer with the terminal illness. Dong Kyung just lets go on him. She announces that she has cancer then she walks away. I want to see her live life to the fullest. She knows she is running out of time. She tries to call for Doom, but he isn’t showing up. It’s obvious that she misses him.

The Red Thread

I’ve always been fascinated by the red thread of fate. It shows up in so many dramas and movies and I appreciate how it is used here. Dong Kyung wakes up and realizes that Doom has visited in her sleep to recharge her. In her frustration, she rips off the red thread bracelet he gave her. Is she really wanting to sever their fate? I don’t think so, but I do think she’s tired of the whole game. We know that without the bracelet she is about to feel the full force of her illness.

Love is a Battlefield

Writer Friend goes to the publishing house looking for Dong Kyung. Everyone is in shock from the news the night before, and Writer Friend is beside herself. Cha Jo Ik tries to comfort her and tells her they need to see what they can do to help Dong Kyung now. He tells her he will take her home because he is worried about her. We have a little love triangle moment as Cha Jo Ik looks over her head at Hottie Cafe Owner. Again, I’m not sure how I feel about this. Yes, Hottie Cafe Owner is wishy washy, but Cha Jo Ik needs to explain himself.

Tears and More Tears

We see Dong Kyung rushed into the hospital with her sobbing brother at her side. The doctor tells Little Brother that her illness is getting worse. Their aunt calls, and he doesn’t answer. Doom is sitting on a road to nowhere, and Childlike God joins him. Childlike God tells him to not see her (Dong Kyung) and just keep living his life. She is pushing Doom to make him grow. She keeps checking her pot, and it’s still just dirt. Hmmm. Maybe she isn’t that bad? Maybe if Doom falls in love, then his mundane existence ends, and his real life begins? I know, I know, I’m thinking deep thoughts here. Doom is at the end of the hospital hallway, waiting for Dong Kyung. She said she knew he would show up. Both of them are close to tears. She tells him he can’t run away before he grants her wish, and he embraces her.

Final Thoughts

Even though her life has had more downs than ups, Dong Kyung has never been completely alone. She’s had her brother and her aunt. Now, she has Doom. She can see his real face. She thinks, “Sometimes, the faces of misfortune and luck are the same.” Y’all, I love this story. It’s keeping me on my toes every episode. Our OTP has amazing chemistry and our side story has me biting my nails. I need to know more about Doom and the Childlike God. Childlike God made Doom, but she seems to also be waiting for him to grow? Her empty pot gives me a huge feeling of hope. I’m rooting for our little circle of friends and for our OTP.

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