Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 9

We’ve made it to the middle of the drama, but the drama (haha, like my play on words?) is still going strong. I’m still a bit afraid of the Childlike God because she plays with the characters like chess pieces. What does she have in store for our OTP in this episode? Hopefully, a little time to heal and get to know each other better.

Doom’s Perspective

We don’t really think about how long Doom has existed. I won’t say alive because I don’t think he’s ever really lived. He passes through time, and no one remembers him. He’s living the life of a human, but he has no humanity. It would be so frustrating to be an observer in the world and never have my own experiences. I find this part of the drama so interesting because it makes sense that he wants the world to end. His life is so mundane, and it’s like a film on repeat. I get bored after a week of staying home doing the same thing over and over; I couldn’t imagine going through lifetime after lifetime. Ugh.

Childhood Choices Have Adult Consequences

Hottie Cafe Owner shows up at Writer’s door, and she slams the door in his face. Then she tells him to meet her downstairs. She kicks Joo Ik out and heads to duke it out with her old flame. Lee Hyun Gyu sits there and says he didn’t want to break up. Um, yeah, you did. When he told her he was going out of the country, that was a total break-up move. We know it, he knows it, and she knows it. I don’t feel sorry for him one little bit. He’s made some really selfish choices that he’s going to have to work hard to overcome. She tells him exactly how much he hurt her, and I don’t blame her.

Family Ties

Dong Kyung’s aunt shows up and throws everyone off balance. Apparently, Little Brother contacted her and told her all about what was going on. So now Auntie is here to fix everything and I love her. She comes with gifts and advice and so much love. Dong Kyung tells her that she doesn’t want to steal her aunt’s life and Auntie says she didn’t. Oh, this poor girl has never felt like she has belonged and that breaks my heart. Auntie brings out a suitcase full of clothes she bought when she was thinking about Dong Kyung. Judging from the goodies in the suitcase, she thought about her a lot. She tells Doom that Auntie and her mom are twins, no wonder she sees her mom when she looks at her.

Little White Lies

Dong Kyung has Doom act like a doctor and tell her aunt that she will be able to do a trial and there is a chance to save her life. When they leave, Auntie twits her about how the doctor is better looking than her boyfriend. Oh Auntie, if only you knew… While they are checking up on Dong Kyung’s health, Aunt’s husband is looking for a home for all of them to live in. That sounds lovely and complicated to me. Lovely because Dong Kyung misses her family; complicated because she’s really sick and, well, Doom.


Doom gives Dong Kyung a camera and tells her that he has a job for her. They go to a school and take pictures for a student who is graduating. I love how special they make this boy’s day. The school is closing after this graduation. They talk about the Garden and the Childlike God. He explains that she suffers and dies, and is reborn, and that’s how the world continues on. Maybe I have been too hard on Childlike God.

Parting Gifts

Dong Kyong heads out to buy her family and friends parting gifts. She’s brought Doom along as a porter. She’s looking at shoes for her brother, a pen for her friend, and a purse for her aunt. She’s also shameless and uses her illness to scoop the last purse in stock. She’s also getting herself a gift. She wants couple pictures with Doom. They are so adorable. Seriously, whoever was in charge of casting Seo In Guk with Park Bo Young, job well done! She puts their picture on his lock screen of his phone. Then he transports her to a cute date location. She looks good, he looks good, and they have an amazing meal. Not only that, but her aunt, friend, and brother are all there. It’s beautiful and sweet, and she wakes up to see all the same people in her house.

Doom and the Childlike God

Doom meets up with Childlike God and says he wants to be a nice guy. He tells her he has pitied her more than he’s resented her. Then he thanks her for letting him be born. At first, I thought she was crying, but that’s not it. Oh man, she’s in really bad shape. She tells him she’s changing, but the truth is that she’s bleeding. I think I finally understand that she is trying to protect him. She is dying again, and she knows that is hard on him. So, she’s hiding the truth from him. He can’t handle what’s happening to Dong Kyung and to her at the same time. I know I couldn’t.

Work is Imploding

CEO’s world is falling down around him. Dong Kyung is gone, and no one wants to write for his company. Joo Ik is really distracted, and his employees are calling him out on it. Why is he so distracted? He’s thinking of Ji Na, of course. So is Hottie Cafe owner, who totally doesn’t deserve her. They are about to have “the talk.” Two men in love with the same woman, not a good situation. Ugh! Joo Ik is ready to talk, but Hottie Cafe Owner leaves. He goes to meet Ji Na. He tells her he liked her first! He still likes her. Don’t do it, Writer!

OTP Forever

Dong Kyung and Doom are totally in love, even if they aren’t admitting it. Yes, she’s tied to him because of her illness, but they seem to really understand each other. I think she sees too much where he is concerned. Doom rushes back to her and realizes that he’s feeling human emotions. He’s not afraid of disappearing, he’s afraid of her disappearing. He’s also realizing that he doesn’t have much time left either. He admits it! He LOVES her! They have 50 days left, oh, it’s not long enough!

My Thoughts

Okay, I’ve been way too hard on Childlike God. I don’t think I fully understood her sacrifice. It was painful to watch her suffer and I know it’s connected to Doom. You know who I don’t mind watching suffer? Hottie Cafe Owner, that’s who. He can’t be all wishy washy and walk away and then decide to get his first love back. He may have been young, but feelings are feelings and he was old enough to tell her the truth. I’m curious how this little love triangle will play out. I am fully invested in both stories in this drama right now. I know that heartbreak is coming, and I’m trying to prepare myself.

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