4 Reasons to Watch My Roommate is a Gumiho

The Fangirls have been in search of a sweet and funny romcom to balance out their drama watchlists, and we think we’ve found it in My Roommate is a Gumiho. Come check out the four reasons we think this drama should be on your watchlist too!

Reason #1 – The Story

The set up is simple but solid. Tranquil and studious Shin Woo Yeo is in his 999th year of being a rare male gumiho, collecting human energy in his Marble/fox bead in an effort to become human himself. Lee Dam is a bubbly student at the university where Shin Woo Yeo teaches. One fateful night, Lee Dam accidentally ejects Shin Woo Yeo’s Marble and swallows it. To protect the Marble, these two opposite personalities must now live together as Lee Dam continues to work on her studies while Woo Yeo figures out how to get it out of Lee Dam and back where it belongs.

Karie the Maknae: This drama is giving me Goblin vibes, but with a greater focus on the characters rather than the tragic situation. The rules of Woo Yeo’s world have been laid out clearly, and Lee Dam’s backstory has been tragic but not dwelled on to the point of being maudlin. Instead, we get to see her independence and resilience. Even the love triangle isn’t exactly a triangle, and I’m interested to see how this all plays out.

Clkytta: Hot gumiho who is kind of a dud, check. Hardworking and dedicated human heroine, check. Love triangle that only exists in the second lead’s head, check. This drama is hitting all the high points for me. It actually reminds me more of You Who Came From the Stars. Our gumiho reminds me a lot of Do Min Joon. Unlike her actress counterpart, this heroine is a hardworking student who just wants to live well.

Kmuse: I’m enjoying the more classic tropey vibe. It has been a long time since we have had just a sweet and fun story that isn’t trying to be flashy and cutting edge. I am even enjoying both of these actors despite leaving me feeling meh in many of their past shows. It also helps that the story itself is very tight so far.

Drama Geek: I have to admit that I am relieved the story is very straightforward. There is a little bit of mythical mystery, but for the most part, it’s a regular rom-com without a lot of twists and turns.

Reason #2 – The Perfect Kind of Humor

The humor that dominates My Roommate is a Gumiho is perfect for Hyeri’s abilities. It’s silly, but not forced, and she’s doing a good job with the physical slapstick. In one scene, she’s forced to dodge someone’s touch to protect the bead, and she ends up falling down and rolling away. There’s toilet humor, but it’s edited in such a way as to be both palatable and funny.

Karie the Maknae: I have to admit that at first, I was not connecting with Hyeri/Lee Dam’s silliness. Funnily enough, it was the toilet scene that got me — the gross factor wasn’t played for laughs, and instead I was chuckling about Lee Dam getting the exalted idol of her school to google tips on how to unclog a toilet and read them to her over the phone.

Clkytta: Hyeri was made for comedy. I love how she doesn’t shy away from physical comedy and that makes this role very enjoyable. I didn’t realize how much I needed a drama that made me smirk and laugh so much. I hope the writers don’t get to carried away later and lose the comedy aspect.

Kmuse: I am adoring Hyeri in this role. This is saying something since I am not a huge fan of most of her acting roles. This might even be my favorite character she has played to date.

Drama Geek: I needed a good laugh, and even though I’m not crazy about toilet humor, this show managed to make me laugh despite having an entire scene in the bathroom. There is just a fun, silly air to it, and Hyeri is bringing in the laughs. I love seeing her with the second lead and I hope they keep up him not being able to touch her for a while longer. It confuses him SO MUCH, and it’s hilarious.

Reason #3 – Jang Ki Yong Rocks the Immortal Role

Shin Woo Yeo is a conundrum of an immortal being — he’s got the patience of someone who’s spent nine centuries earning it, but he can’t seem to keep the fact that he lived through different historical eras to himself. Jang Ki Yong is pulling off Woo Yeo’s humor with a perfectly straight face, and his soulful eyes do an excellent job of making him seem immortal.

Karie the Maknae: There’s a stillness about Jang Ki Yong that’s translating well to his immortal character. I can really buy the idea that he’s been alive for nearly a thousand years, and hasn’t been bored by the time passing at all. Instead, he’s polite and patient and handles new situations like a champ. His slow, deep voice is delightful to listen to, and when he unleashes his smile, it’s breathtaking. That’s exactly how a gumiho should be, right??

Clkytta: I love him so much. He is such a good face actor. His eyes are so expressive. I would offer up my liver just to hear him tell me a bedtime story. He spends so much time all stoic and taciturn, and then when he smiles he looks boyish and fun. This guy is the full package.

Kmuse: I think I am going to be the lone Fangirl who isn’t overly impressed with Jang Ki Yong’s performance. He is very pretty and his voice is absolutely mesmerizing. But for the most part I am not getting a ton of emoting from him, which is a problem I have had with every role he has had since Come and Hug Me.

Drama Geek: I’m actually with Kmuse. I don’t think he’s doing anything special in this role, but I actually do like him with Hyeri in this. They have a decent chemistry and his straight face is a good balance with her bigger comedic actions.

Reason #4 – Unusual Side Characters

Rounding out Woo Yeo’s world is Hye Sun, a female gumiho who has achieved mortality. She’s charming, but not very bright, and seems to like needling Woo Yeo as much as he likes pointing out the gaps in her knowledge.

Lee Dam has two best friends — Soo Kyung, the top student in their history department, and Jae Jin, a needy and clingy student who’s charmingly self-aware and a loyal friend. Dam also has a younger brother, Lee Dan, who’s an archery athlete. Last — but not at all least in his mind — is Sun Woo, a senior student at the college who is the light in most female students’ lives and who cannot figure out why Lee Dam isn’t interested in him.

Karie the Maknae: I was wondering about Hye Sun when she was introduced — she seems like a troublemaker, and I thought she might be a second lead. Instead, she’s feisty and fun and a great foil to Woo Yeo’s serious gumiho self. Soo Kyung seems like a textbook best friend right now, but I think there might be more from her to come, and Jae Jin’s self-awareness makes him likeable and a good match for Hye Sun. Bae In Hyuk as Sun Woo is perfect too — he’s played an immortal before (Kiss Goblin), and his personal stillness is an interesting contrast to Woo Yeo’s stillness.

Clkytta: I have to admit I’m a little suspicious of Hye Sun. She is a little too helpful. Are we sure that she’s actually human and not faking it? The little circle of friends is fun and I like clingy Jae Jin. Sun Woo is cracking me up because he’s not really interested in Lee Dam, he’s interested in why she’s not interested in him. He is so confused as to why she doesn’t chase him, so he is chasing her.

Kmuse: I agree with Clkytta, Hye Sun seems a bit too helpful. The fact that she might be faking has also crossed my mind.

Drama Geek: I third the faking it opinion. This actress is always fun to watch and I’m really enjoying her character in this one. The rest of the crew is a great addition to the show, and I look forward to seeing more of their stories unfold.

What do you think, drama fans? Do you need more foxes in your life? If so, My Roommate is a Gumiho just might be the drama you’re looking for.

Until the next bead-centered hijinks, we remain —

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  1. This is my new crack drama! It speaks to the dearth of good romance dramas out there. The actors may not be top notch but the story is written well. I like the ML’s voice. I think that and how his character is so nice is what’s having me stalk JKY. He’s not so stoic like DMJ from You from Another Star. Not cranky and childishly vindictive like Goblin. The niceness throws me off but I love it.

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