A Fangirl’s Movie Review: Sardar Ka Grandson

Once again, I randomly hit play on a Bollywood movie which gave me a bit of a mixed bag of emotions. Come join me as I try to decide what I feel about Sardar Ka Grandson.


A devoted grandson embarks on a complicated and comic journey to fulfill his ailing grandmother’s last wish.


I literally clicked on this movie without reading the synopsis first. This might have been the wrong move since I was not impressed with Amreek, the manchild of a leading man. We enter the story when he is ruining his business and love life by being totally inept as a human being. I was all set to push stop when we shifted to what would end up being the main theme of the story. That of Amreek and his grandmother fulfilling her last wish before she passes away from Cancer. Thank goodness I gave it a bit longer because I would have missed out on something special.

I loved how the story gave me a glimpse of history and delved into the importance of memories for those aging. It made me want to study this point in history and also made me look around at the items that are important to me; both passed down through generations as well as new treasures that I have gathered through my life in a new light. All in all, I am so glad that I didn’t push stop since this movie had so much to say.


This director really did an amazing job of bringing memories of the past and what is happening in the present together. There is one scene where the grandmother is fleeing Pakistan with her baby, crossing the border into India, and the director cuts the scene with her grandson crossing the same border in order to go to Pakistan to fulfill her deathbed wish. It was beautifully done and brought all the feels.


The real standout in the movie, for me, is both the younger and older versions of the Grandmother. She is just so plucky and hardworking and grounds this show’s plot. Bringing the much-needed gravitas that was missing when it was just the leading man messing around and being immature. There is a scene where the past and present versions collide as memories connect with the dying grandmother that touched me so much I legit cried. The power of this women’s story really was amazing, and I almost wish I could just get another movie just telling us about her life as she raised her family. I love discovering really interesting characters, and Grandma is one of the best out of all the Indian movies I have watched to date.


It started off so slow, but the second half was so worth waiting for. This movie left a huge impression on my heart, and I look forward to rewatching it in the future. I give it a very solid 8/10.

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