A Fangirl’s Movie Review: Koi Jaane Na

I thought it might be a good idea to try something that wasn’t your traditional romantic Bollywood film. So I found the first thing that caught my eye with the term serial killer in the synopsis. What could go wrong with a good old-fashioned mystery, right? Come find out where this movie went off the tracks in my review of Koi Jaane Na.


A heartbroken writer struggling with writer’s block goes to a quiet hill station where he finds love again but uncovers a copycat serial killer who has mysteriously come alive and is killing everyone around him.


I, once again, watched the trailer for this movie, and it makes the movie look so much more interesting than it ended up being. Kabir Kapoor is an awkward and clunky character that never really develops any layers, despite the writer’s attempt to make him interesting. The same could be said for Suhana, who, again, is just really poorly written. What the movie makes me think of is Lifetime made for TV murder shows from the 2000s. The ones that were all spouses murdering spouses and secret affairs and such.


The performances were as subtle as a brick through a window, and none of the “twists” were overly twisty. By far, my favorite moment of the movie was the opening dance number, and since you shouldn’t have to watch the movie to see the sequence….here it is below. Enjoy!


Wow. I don’t even know what to say about any of these characters other than they were unlikable. No one was overly bright or interesting, and the mystery was just meh. I don’t think it was necessarily the actors’ fault but more the fault of a bad script with just an OK director. It just didn’t work for me at all. Even the serial killer aspects just left me feeling cold, and that is usually one of my favorite tropes. I am all about the mass murderer vs. romance story arcs, and this one was so blah I couldn’t even care about the last sinister implication at the end of the movie.


I give this movie a 5/10, and that is a bit generous. The premise was all there, but the execution was so cringey that I had to force myself to finish the film. There are so many better shows you can spend your time on, so take it from me that this is a very easy skip.

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