Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 11

Fellow fans, we only have 5 episodes for our story arc to get it together. I have to admit that episode 10 was a bit of a struggle plot-wise. Steamy kisses and searing glances can’t hold a drama together for long, so I hope the writers up their game a little bit. We’ve brought in Auntie, our second leads are at a critical point, and our female lead has run away in a quite boring show of noble idiocy, but she’s already been discovered by Doom. These steps are happening awful early, and I hope this doesn’t mean the writers are going to give us a lot of fluff and filler in the last few episodes.

Now What?

Doom shows up at Dong Kyung’s seaside hideout, ready to talk things out. She’s in love, and she’s scared to die, but she doesn’t want him to die or anyone else to either. The weight of the world is literally on her shoulders, and she is breaking down. They cry together, and it’s all terribly sad. They talk about where they go when they die and how they will meet again. Doom tells her they will never be separated from each other. It’s a beautiful scene and a beautiful sentiment. Childlike God is looking out for her plant, which is now budding. I’m sticking to my whole theory that Doom is the plant she is so tenderly coaxing to life. I’m betting that when the plant dies, he dies.

Trying to be Normal

Doom and Dong Kyung sit and eat and she tells him all about her little made family. She tells him all about how she met Writer Bestie and how Auntie ended up getting married and moving away, and how she took care of Little Brother. Doom just listens carefully and looks at her fondly. They banter a bit, and we have beautiful scenes of them by the ocean. You can almost feel Doom’s heart fill to overflowing as he looks at her. I’ve watched enough dramas that I know this can’t last, I’m just waiting for the problem to show up.

Healthy Competition

Our side story confuses me. Joo Ik and Hottie Cafe Owner are at a batting cage, and they are competing for their pride. They say that it’s for something else, but we all know it’s for their pride and Writer Bestie. Hottie Cafe Owner says he wants Joo Ik’s car, but we know it’s really all about Writer Bestie. So, of course, she comes into his shop and says they need to date three times so she can figure out how she feels. Really? Then she calls Joo Ik and tells him, but he’s walking toward her, so they hang up. He removes the barrier of their contract and tries to walk away. Noble. She says she wants to get into the top 10, so he can’t do that. They talk about their long-ago kiss, and then he comes back to give her an umbrella, just like years ago. Talk about hard choices!


Doom told Dong Kyung’s family where she was and they are waiting for her. It’s a super sweet moment, but how did they not guess she was there? Then Uncle pulls her out for a talk. He tells her that Jeju is beautiful and where he got his family. She tells him about her deal with Doom. Neither understands what the other is talking about. She tells him love is heavy and he says love is enough. Uncle isn’t a bad guy, he’s really trying. Meanwhile, Auntie and Doom are cooking together. Auntie tells him that her motto is “all in”. Auntie tells him about how Dong Kyung always held herself apart, and it hurt her.

Love and Other Disasters

Dinnertime is the best time to show someone love. As they set the table, Little Brother gets a call from his boss, making Writer Bestie start talking about her love life. Little Brother is so smart as he deciphers her feelings and asks why she is dating #1 when she likes #2. I have the same exact question! At dinner, everyone keeps feeding Dong Kyung to show their affection. Then they start putting food in Doom’s bowl. He’s got a family now too. The next morning Dong Kyung and Writer Bestie talk about how Writer Bestie likes Joo Ik, not Hottie Cafe Owner. Everyone knows it, but Writer Bestie seems to struggle to admit it.

Bodies Are Fragile

Time is running out, not necessarily for Doom and Dong Kyung, but for Childlike God. She has collapsed while tending her plant. Doom goes to her side and waits for her to wake up. She tells him that it’s all part of the plan. He says everyone he loves dies and that’s why he doesn’t want to love. She tells him that it’s okay and she will be born again. He asks what he should do and she says that they exist for humans. He’s met in the hallway by Dong Kyung who is there to comfort him. We get the feeling that no one has been there to comfort him before. They talk about Childlike God, and Doom rushes out to save a child who is in danger. He says he isn’t supposed to do that, but she has changed him. Her boss calls and Doom asks if he needs to take care of it; nope, she says she will handle her own murders.

Fix It!

CEO gets down on his knees and begs her to fix his problems. He’s lost writers and workers and he is afraid his company is doomed. She’s all, so what? Then he pulls out the big guns and threatens to sue Writer Bestie. Oh! That gets her attention. Then he says that Joo Ik is the building owner’s son. We pan to Joo Ik asking for money from his father to fix the problem. They talk about Hottie Cafe Owner and I still can’t figure out if they are real brothers or not. Dong Kyung gets into the mix when she goes to visit him in his swanky apartment. She is flabbergasted that he works at the company when he’s from such a rich family. He tells her to get well soon so she can work for him. Our little circle tightens up when Dong Kyung goes to Little Brother’s work and connects the dots on who Hottie Cafe Owner really is. Dong Kyung is vicious as she snarks and smirks while talking about ghosting with Hottie Cafe Owner. Oh, she is totally worthy to be Bestie Writer’s bestie.

Don’t Stop Believing

Writer Bestie is about to give up on her story. She stops and remembers that she’s been told that she needs a new hero. So she starts writing about a new hero. Her new hero is obviously based on Joo Ik. Come on Writer Bestie, go get your man! Speaking of getting her man, Dong Kyung comes home to find her house back to normal. And by normal, I mean it opens into Doom’s house too. so we have a super cute end-of-day rundown with Dong Kyung eating snacks while lying on Doom’s lap. They are so cute! It’s such a sweet little normal moment for them. I want them to have a happy ending.

The Ghost

Auntie is away from home because she’s a the hospital trying to find Dong Kyung’s doctor. The problem is, there isn’t a doctor by that name. Can I say how much I love that they keep having Kevin go with her? Man doesn’t speak a lick of Korean, but he’s hot and supportive, and that works for me. One of the patients suggests that maybe they have seen the ghost doctor who shows up sometimes. Auntie is skeptical until the lady says it’s the ghost or she was scammed. Why would her niece scam her? Then, Auntie gets very ill and clutches her stomach. Dong Kyung rushes to the hospital to find out that Auntie has stress pains. Auntie confronts Dong Kyung and says they will find a new hospital. Dong Kyung tells her there is no hope. Auntie is having such a hard time. Kevin is doing the best he can to help and I think he’s my new hero.

A New Contract

Everyone is facing mortality right now. Down the hall, Childlike God is looking ROUGH. Dong Kyung asks for help and Childlike God says she will help. She can’t save her, but she can erase their joint fate. If she erases their fate that means she will still die, but no one she loves will die, and the world will not be doomed. Oh, this is a hard choice. Childlike God is dying, her body won’t last long at all. Doom is waiting patiently and we get a glimpse that he knows something is happening. What choice will Dong Kyung make?

My Thoughts

This episode is all about the choices our characters make. Dong Kyung really has the whole weight of her world resting on her shoulders. She has a horrible choice to make. No matter what she does, she’s going to die. Her death will either be lonely as she goes back to her life where she never felt like she belonged, or she can keep her memories and her fate where the person she loves the most will die. None of these options work for me. What’s really not working for me is that this is only episode 11. She’s already run away, so now what? Doom runs away? Ugh, ugh, ugh. I’ve tried to stay positive, but this plot isn’t plotting well for me. I don’t know who’s in control anymore.

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4 thoughts on “Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 11

  1. Uncle Kevin’s character is really a treat. He’s comic relief but he’s so darn earnest and supportive and just a lovely man. I also love that they had him really try and communicate in Korean.

  2. I like that he tried to communicate in Korean, but I like that they made him a solid partner for Auntie. He’s there to support her and he’s not cartoonish or buffoonish. When he said that Jeju was where he found his family it made me want to watch their love story.

  3. Hottie Café Owner and Editor aren’t brothers, Editor was HCO’s tutor and older friend which was vaguely hinted at in one of the early episodes.

    • I think there is more to the relationship than that because of how close HCO is to Editor’s dad. I wonder if they are stepbrothers or if they are cousins or something.

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