Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 12

We had plot movement! OK, really, it was a reset of the original plot, and we might just be shifting around the same plot arc over and over for the final four episodes. But a change is always good, especially when that change will help me finish this drama.

Doom doing Doom things

We start off this episode with Doom 2.0, who is back to his old tricks of torturing serial killers and child murderers. We discover that Doom bides his time by hurting those that bring Doom upon innocent people. He claims it is because that is his job, but I have a feeling that he just hates seeing people hurt but doesn’t want to admit it. We also realize how much Doom had begun to feel when we, once again, witness him indifferent towards everyone around him.

We also find Dong Kyung back where we first began… just a few months forward but still the same positive person that we all came to love. She is preparing to enter the hospital and receive surgery: her family and friends are surrounding her in support. We witness how little has changed when, once again, our OTP bumps into each other in the hospital. Dong Kyung once again is struck by Doom’s beauty and Doom being snarky in his doctor’s coat and reading her mind. It really does feel that fate has a story for these two to play, and even a reset by god can’t stop it from occurring.

The ghost of the hospital

Dong Kyung is settling into the hospital for a while in preparation for her surgery and comes across a few people that we have already been introduced to. Namely, the gossiping ahjummas that are convinced there is a ghost roaming the halls of the hospital. She and Bestie Writer eavesdrop on the ahjummas as they chat about how the ghost is always changing appearances (because Doom always looks like someone new to each person.), and Dong Kyung mentions her run-in with the suspicious hot doctor. The ladies immediately jump on this as proof since they haven’t ever seen even one hot doctor here at the hospital.

I’ve seen you before

Doom is hanging out in the hospital, tormenting a man who murdered his own child. Doom breaks his leg and fractured several ribs, just as the man had done to his son, and then lets him run away. Like a cat chasing a mouse, he herds the killer into the parking structure, where he increases the man’s terror by setting off all the car alarms and flickering the lights. Just as Doom is about to choke the child killer, he sees Dong Kyung, wide-eyed and staring at him from behind a car. He lets the killer escape (for now) and goes over to Dong Kyung, saying that he is very annoyed. Our plucky heroine inquires after him being a ghost and whether he was haunting that man. Doom is shocked when she mentions that she had seen him before. Their conversation is very similar to that of their first chat, after her original wish, and you can tell that Doom is intrigued.

Write about me

Our Writer Bestie continues to be conflicted on what she wants out of life. Does she want to stay mad at Joo Ik and his manipulations? Or, does she truly want to try and rekindle to fire with Hottie Cafe Owner? Because of this conflict, she is also suffering from writer’s block. Mostly because she can’t seem to keep her real life out of the story, so does she continue with her new story involving her feelings for Joo Ik, or does she go back to the tried and true story of Hottie Cafe Owner? Joo Ik confronts her about her writer’s block and tells her to just start writing the story involving him so he can know if his feelings are reciprocated. Just like all our other story arcs, it feels like this one is also stuck in repeat. I hope she makes a decision on where to go from here.


Nam Da Reum Webtoonist visits his “noona” in the hospital to cheer Dong Kyung up before her surgery. And to show his face to all the patients so they can realize that Dong Kyung is special and has a very handsome guy at her beck and call. I suspect he might have the tiniest bit of a crush. He also declares that he has to know how the story she had relayed to him previously ended—the one with the girl who has to choose to die or to live and kill someone else. Dong Kyung is clueless about this conversation and passes it off as a memory loss from her brain tumor.

My favorite scene of the episode happens when Nam Da Reum leaves the hospital and walks past Doom, who is glaring. Not because he recognizes the young writer, but because the kid annoys him for some unknown reason. Bwahahaha.

Bored by a date

Writer Bestie is starting to regret her impulsive suggestion that she and Cafe Hottie date. They go out to dinner, but the awkward vibes could be cut with a knife. When Cafe Hottie mentions that he read a few of the webtoon chapters, Writer Bestie shouts for him not to. It is obvious who her books are about and to say it would be awkward for Cafe Hottie to learn about everything via webtoon is obvious. Especially when they are supposedly going on dates, and she is angsting over kissing his roommate. So much awkwardness. And so much boring chatter. These two just need to call it a day and move on already.

Do you wish doom upon the world?

Child God is back to her old tricks of moving Doom and Dong Kyung around like chess pieces. This time she arranges for them to meet on the rooftop. Dong Kyung goes up and, just like before, shouts that she wants Doom to happen to the world. Doom hears this and offers to grant her wish, but Dong Kyung backs away from accepting the deal unlike last time. She mentions that this all feels slightly familiar and that she feels she is missing something important, and it is probably connected to her memories that are gone because of the brain tumor.

Doom tries to strong-arm Dong Kyung into agreeing to her Doom wish. First by letting her suffer in pain and then by transporting her to a very familiar beach. Again, Dong Kyung resists the temptation of agreeing, and Doom finds himself lifting his hand to brush her face. Something that is not at all Doomlike. He looks shocked at his hand and blinks himself to Child God and demands she tell him what she did to him. Child God explains that she did something to Dong Kyung and removed all memories and events that happened between the two. A tear escapes down Doom’s face. We finish the episode with Dong Kyung and Doom facing each other as the hospital elevator doors are opening. Each asks, “Who are you?”

Final Thoughts

I am a bit frustrated that we still don’t really have much plot movement going on, even with the reset. It feels that we are just asking the same questions differently. That said, at least I wasn’t completely bored, and I was able to appreciate how gorgeous ruthless Doom is. I also really liked how despite not having the memories, Doom had muscle memory of loving Dong Kyung. When he got up at midnight to go hold her hand, only not to realize why he was getting up was a really great scene that showed just how deep his feelings for her run. I look forward to seeing where we finally go with the ending almost upon us. I am also glad this show is almost over. As much as I like the premise, it feels that that is all we have… a premise. The show isn’t fleshed out with distinct character development, and that is beyond frustrating.

Until the next questionable wish,


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  1. “As much as I like the premise, it feels that that is all we have… a premise.”

    That sums up my feelings about this show so perfectly. There’s brilliance in the premise and the execution is just… not really there.

    I don’t hate it or anything, but I’m disappointed.

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