Drama Teaser of the Week

We have just one drama left to start this month, drama fans! Come see if On the Verge of Insanity is the drama you’ve been waiting for.

Choi Ban Seok (Jung Jae Young, Partners for Justice) is a long-time engineer at Hanmyung Electronics. He’s calm and warm-hearted with a good sense of humor. However, to avoid being laid off, he transfers to the Personnel Department. He has no experience, but doesn’t want to end up jobless. 

Tang Ja Young (Moon So Ri, Life) has recently been promoted to be the head of the Personnel Department. She’s a workaholic who wants to be Hanmyung Electronics’ first female executive. When Choi Ban Seok transfers to her department, she doesn’t know what to do with him at first, but eventually finds her life slowly changing. 

On the Verge of Insanity starts June 23rd on KOCOWA. Will you be watching?

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