Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 13

We’ve had a story reset, but the end game is still whether or not Dong Kyung will wish Doom upon the world. Will our OTP remember their love for each other? Does the Childlike God stand a chance of happiness too? We start this episode with everyone having a heart to heart, but will it solve anything? I’m not sure about you, but I’m ready to stop rehashing what has happened and start moving forward.

Did You Kiss Her?

Our little love triangle is at a critical point. Hottie Cafe Owner has Joo Ik out on a park bench to discuss the cause of the discontent in their home; they both like Writer Bestie. Y’all, we are digging up memories and problems from 10 years ago. I’m sorry, but that’s a long time to hold onto a love and then come back expecting you have every right to claim it. One man makes her cry buckets every day and miss him like crazy, while the other man kisses her so she will stop crying. Now they have to deal with the fallout. I’m still not feeling a bit of sympathy for Hottie Cafe Owner. He says he has so many regrets, that’s good, he should have regrets; he made this mess.

Who Are You?

Doom and Dong Kyung play twenty questions as they try to figure out what their relationship is, and why they sort of know each other. Doom knows that the Childlike God has been up to something. Dong Kyung’s answers aren’t helping him figure anything out though. On her end, Dong Kyung wants to know if he cried. She doesn’t understand why they were crying when they met. She also wants to know who this Sa Ram is that is saved on her phone. Back at home, Doom looks at his phone and sees missed calls from Dong Kyung. Apparently, not all of their past connections have been deleted.

Regrets and Other Stories

Hottie Cafe Owner slept at his cafe because he’s dealing with the drama of the love triangle. Honestly, I kind of want Writer Bestie to kick both men to the curb. She deserves to be happy and while these guys are hot, they have too much baggage. You know who really likes Hottie Cafe Owner? Joo Ik’s dad, that’s who. He likes that the two men are arguing and thinks his son could learn something from the competitive nature of Hottie Cafe Owner. I’ve been on the fence about the relationship between the men, but I guess they are just really good friends from way back in the day. Dad just seems to love Hottie Cafe Owner like a second son.

Childlike God vs. Doom

Doom bursts into Childlike God’s hospital room and shows her his cell phone with the picture of he and Dong Kyung. He demands to know what is going on, but she just calmly turns the pages of the book she is looking through. She seems to have moved all her chess pieces (our OTP) to different spots and is trying to figure out what she is going to do next. She is looking really rough, I kind of feel sorry for her.

Deja Vu

Dong Kyung is watching Hotel de Luna, not for the OTP, but she’s studying it for ghosts and comparing it to her situation. Insert snort-laugh. Her medical team walks in with Doom at the helm, but he supposedly looks like her doctor. Poor Dong Kyung is so confused, and her aunt is embarrassed because Dong Kyung is “being rude.” Doom is snarky and says he will come back to do more tests later. He’s totally testing her to see if she really can see his real face. He shows up as an x-ray tech next. Seriously, he’s everywhere!

Awkward Second Leads

Dong Kyung’s coworkers come to visit. While they are there, Writer Bestie makes an appearance, and she and Joo Ik meet in the hall. She says she is meeting Hottie Cafe Owner for a drink, and isn’t Joo Ik jealous? Nope. He says he has liked her since the beginning, and his feelings won’t change. Hmmm. Maybe, I don’t think she needs to kick him to the curb. I like Writer Bestie; she tells him he is dumb and that the whole situation is dumb. I like this. Joo Ik lays it all out on the table and tells her that he wants her and that Hottie Cafe Owner knows everything. Writer Bestie has to figure out what she wants, but Dong Kyung says that Joo Ik is her reward. Dong Kyung is totally team Joo Ik, and I’m here for it. Also, the height difference between Dong Kyung and Writer Bestie is adorable.

Stay With the One Who Wants You

Writer Bestie and Hottie Cafe Owner meet for a drink, and they talk about their feelings. She tells him that she loved him in the past, but not now. She tells him how she waited and waited for him. She also says she doesn’t know him anymore. He counters that he loved her too, and he wants to try again. She says she kissed Joo Ik, and he says he knows. She leaves alone, crying, and as she stumbles, Joo Ik is there to steady her. He says not to be confused and that he’s waiting for her and he likes her. This just feels right to me. It must feel right to her too, because she kisses Joo Ik! Ever the gentleman, he takes her home and tucks her in. Y’all, I need someone to look at me the way he looks at her drunk self sleeping on the couch.

Dong Kyung’s Illness Strikes

The doctor tells her that she will lose her hair. Most women and men have a hard time with hair loss. This is so sad. Her poor auntie is just devastated. She’s put on a brave face, but she’s totally torn up. OK, now I’m crying. Dong Kyung went to get her hair done. She has the stylist do a very pretty “celebrity” style that turns out so good they take pictures to display in the shop. The stylist even says that she was nervous that Dong Kyung was there to shave it all off because she was in a hospital outfit, but she was so glad it was just a style. Dong Kyung looks at her and asks her to shave it all off now. Before they can make the cut, she gets a nosebleed, and Doom arrives just in time to catch her as she falls.

Don’t Cry

Dong Kyung dreams that she is at her funeral, and Doom is sobbing in front of the memorial. She tells him not to cry. He doesn’t seem to see her or feel her touch his face. The real Doom is watching her sleep. He touches her hand, and she wakes up. She tells him she is sorry, and he walks out. Childlike God’s room is empty, and Doom remembers his life with Dong Kyung. When Dong Kyung wakes up, her hospital bed has been transported to Doom’s house. She’s still reeling from her nightmare, and Doom is trying to figure out who she is to him. He leaves her in his house, and he heads out to figure things out. He goes into his Doomscape, his subconscious, and she follows him. He keeps feeling like he knows her from before, but he can’t figure this out. Then she smiles, and he kisses her, and all their memories come rushing back. And we are back together, but she’s still sick, and the world is still in danger. UGH.

My Thoughts

We end on a semi hopeful note. Doom and Dong Kyung are together again and we have a sweet embrace to hold us over until episode 14. Doom’s flower is in full bloom, but they are running out of time. I’m not sure what the end game is going to be for this drama, but it’s going to break my heart. I think they are making me love the second couple so much because our OTP is destined for death. Here’s hoping that I’m wrong.

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