Doom At Your Service Recap: Episode 14

Stuff happens this episode! And while much of it is a bit sad in nature, it was really great to feel something for our OTP and their trials again. So come join me as I chat about all the life-changing moments that happened in this episode, as well as a few that were thrown in just to make the episode long enough.

Let’s get married!

Doom and Dong Kyung’s memories are back as well as the big problem of killing off the world or losing the one she loves the most…Doom. While this upsets Dong Kyung greatly, especially since there is no time left to avoid fate, Doom, on the other hand, wants to move forward…by getting married. Which he promptly announces to Dong Kyung’s family. And while they use the excuse of the upcoming wedding to put off the surgery, the couple doesn’t actually get married in this episode. Instead, it is a bittersweet concept that both Doom and Dong Kyung know they won’t have time to accomplish.

Life isn’t worth living anymore

While things start moving in the OTP story arc, we still get a sense of stagnant mopiness when it comes to Cafe Hottie. Who is in full mope after getting dumped by Writer Bestie. We find him with his head flopped on one of the cafe tables, declaring that he has been dumped to Dong Kyung’s brother. Joo Ik comes into the cafe and orders Cafe Hottie to come back home. Which he does, but only to let his long-time friend know that he will be moving out. It is time for him to stand on his own two feet and go forward without letting his best friend support him. I had to roll my eyes at the thought that a man is almost 30 and still so lacking in his ability to adult.

It is all my fault

We get a lot of crying Dong Kyung in this episode as reality sinks in that there is no avoiding the decision she has to make. No matter what, she will end up devastated and unhappy. Doom tries to comfort her and let her know that his death isn’t going to be horrible if it means she can live. His death is something he had wanted for years before he met her. Out of all the options open, it is the one that will benefit the most people.


We switch back to the secondary love triangle where Cafe Hottie calls Writer Bestie to have a long-overdue chat about what happened back in high school. He had dreams of going to college with her, and when he failed, rather than man up and face the situation, he ran away. He went to America and posted fake happy social media posts while moping about his loss. He refused to contact her because of cowardice and pride. While his confession doesn’t change the situation, it does give both of them closure, and they go their separate ways, putting the past behind them. Cafe Hottie makes it to the cafe before breaking down in tears, where Joo Ik is there to comfort him. As Joo Ik pats his bestie’s back, Cafe Hottie informs him that he better treat her well because if Joo Ik screws up, he will be there to try again.


Dong Kyung goes to speak with Child God in the hospital, begging her to change things so Doom won’t die. Dong Kyung threatens that she will choose to destroy the world if it would mean that Doom could live. Child God sympathetically informs Dong Kyung that there is nothing she can do to help. Fate has shifted everything to where it is supposed to be. Also, Dong Kyung should understand what Doom truly wants is not to live without her but to die so Dong Kyung can live and live happily in the future. This is one thing I think that Dong Kyung has often missed. Her decisions are not just, and she should bring Doom’s opinions into the equation. Dong Kyung leaves with her death date looming.

Making memories

We get a whole sequence of just Doom, and Dong Kyung do everyday things to make memories as their time together slips away. We see both of our leads trying to make the best of the situation, and I was especially mesmerized at how gorgeous Doom looked with the morning sun shining down upon him. So so pretty. Dong Kyung’s inner dialogue says that in the mornings and springs, she will always be thinking of Doom. It looks like she might have made her decision, if only subconsciously, that she will be going forward without Doom.


It is the final day, and Doom goes to Child God one last time to say goodbye. Their heartfelt feelings for each other are obvious, and they separate on good terms with Child God, saying that she is going to stay a bit longer in this body. For once, she is showing a connection to individuals and is happy in this life. Doom goes back home to find a frantic Dong Kyung. She says that she woke up and found Doom gone, and she was worried that she had lost him while she slept. Despite Doom being right in front of her, Dong Kyung is inconsolable and begs for Doom to grant her wish. She wants him to take away all her emotions and love for everyone, leaving her to die alone. He tearfully says he can’t grant that wish. Defeated, Dong Kyung wishes to spend her last day with Doom in the doomed world what it would be like if she wished Doom upon the world. Doom grants her wish, and they arrive at a world with nothing living, the buildings silent and empty. No life anywhere. Doom comments that living here would be hell if he would even be able to live here. Without humans wishing for Gods, would gods even exist?

As the hours pass, Doom and Dong Kyung spend it together in the Doomed world. They even go to a church where they both kneel down to pray. As the night comes closer, Dong Kyung declares her love for Doom. Doom, with tears running down his eyes, tells her that he will take her sadness and pain with him. All he wants is for her to be happy, and since she is human, she will be able to be happy again someday. He slowly disappears, and Dong Kyung is left alone on the steps where they had their first kiss.

Final Thoughts:

That last scene really got to me, and I have to admit I teared up. The OTP story arc was really well executed and brought forth a lot of emotions. Maybe not as many as I would have felt if I had been able to connect with them over the last five episodes, but at this point, I am counting this strong episode as a win. Now we just have to somehow eek a solid conclusion next week. Let us all pray to the Drama Gods that we can end on a high note, so I don’t have to go forward with a lot of Fangirl regret.

Until the next questionable wish,


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