A Fangirl’s Movie Review: Rurouni Kenshin The Final

Were you, like me, wondering why we needed a fourth Rurouni Kenshin movie when the previous trilogy felt complete? Come find out if the continuation of the story worked or if it felt like they were forcing the story to make more money as I review (Spoiler Free) Rurouni Kenshin: Final Chapter.


Kenshin’s past catches up to him causing the destruction of Akabeko Restaurant, which was Kenshin’s favorite place to eat. There, he finds a note with the word “Junchu” on it. (IMDB)


While I did think this movie series was completed with the Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends, I was willing to continue the adventure. And these movies truly are an adventure. We catch up with our titular hero a few years after the events of the last film, and everything seems to be mostly peaceful. But the past is going to catch up to Rurouni Kenshin, and once again, he is forced to fight his inner demons and protect his found family.

I am so glad I did give this film a chance because it was all I didn’t know I needed. The action and emotions just sucked me right back into the story. I also loved how this film really built on the characters from the original trilogy. I was surprised at how emotional I got when various characters from the past showed up on my screen. This really was a brilliant continuation of the saga.


I count the Rurouni Kenshin films as some of my all-time favorite action movies. The action sequences are so unique, and the intensity of the sword fights are brilliant. To the point that even if the story was crap, I would watch just to enjoy the cinematography. Thankfully, the story is just as good as the visual, so you get the benefit of the perfect storm of good cinema.


I mentioned earlier how excited I was to see the cameos of characters from past films. It was so exciting to see the lasting impact our lead had on how other’s continued living their lives. The theme of peace and protection over destruction is told so beautifully, and the time that has passed till the new story arc highlight the theme perfectly. The bad guys are great, and the heroes are perfect. Literally, everything ended up being perfect.


I was not expecting to be this moved by the fourth film in the franchise, and I could not be happier. I highly recommend (go watch the first 3 if you have not already watched the whole series first.) and give this a strong 10/10.

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