Hospital Playlist: S2E1 Recap

Who is happy to see Hospital Playlist come back? Are you all watching it with us? As we did last year, we are going to talk about our favorite scenes each episode, but we have an important question. What happened with all the cliffhangers from last season?

Warning: There are Spoilers for Season One

If you haven’t seen Season One yet, you should probably do that before going on to Season Two. Events in Season Two begin right where Season One left off.

Eating for 2

One of the cutest scenes this episode was resident Min Ha animatedly eating two dinners at once, scooting from one side of the table to the other. She cut her food on one plate, then jumped up and went to the other chair, and ate from the other plate. She poured wine for both glasses and then drank it, watched over the whole time by a stuffed bear in a gift bag.

Min Ha’s antics flow from a cliffhanger in the first season, when our favorite “Mama’s Boy,” obstetrician Seok Hyeung, turned down her dinner invitation, leaving her to eat both dinners herself. Then he got a phone call from his ex-wife, and we wondered if they might get together again. In this episode, Min Ha returns to the hospital and is shocked to see him coming out with his ex-wife. We find out that her father is sick and she wants Seok Hyeung’s advice on taking care of him.

Verdict: Cliffhanger not resolved; we still don’t know what he feels about his ex, or whether he might give Min Ha another chance.

Telzeytalks: I really developed a soft spot for Seok Hyeong, and I love the way Min Ha knows his personality and tries to fit in with his way of doing things. So unless they start making the ex-wife look better, I’m hoping he ends up with Min Ha.

Drama Geek: I was left to wonder if her being stood up was the saddest thing ever, or the best meal plan for a hungry soul. I laughed so hard with how she managed to make this dinner enjoyable. I’m vary warry of the Ex and I just love Min Ha to bits, to I am on her side 100%.

Kmuse: I am always of the opinion that divorce happens for a reason and there is no use in trying again a second time. Especially when it comes to dramas. So I also am Team Min Ha. Also, that was the best tragic dinner ever.

Karie the Maknae: I did NOT expect to laugh so hard right at the beginning of the episode. It was hilarious and launched me effortlessly back into their world. I don’t know if I’m Team Min Ha, but she definitely delights me.

Clueless about 2

Last season, “Marshmallow Doc” Jun Wan was secretly dating Ik Soon, who went away to study in London. He had sent her an engagement ring, but the package was returned. We saw him agonizing over it, wondering if she sent it back on purpose. In this episode, he puts that theory to rest quickly with one phone call, as they converse happily together.

The most hilarious scene ever is when Ik Soon’s brother Ik Joon, aka “Darth Vader Daddy,” finds out that Jun Wan has a girlfriend in London. Ik Joon immediately asks, “In London? Does she know Ik Soon?” Does he actually not know his sister is dating his friend, or is he clueless?

Verdict: Cliffhanger resolved, they are still together.

Telzeytalks: I’m so glad the writers didn’t go down the Kdrama route of having a character move away for two years and never even call. I like Ik Soon, and those two are really cute together.

Drama Geek: I was so happy they resolved this quickly and didn’t make it a big guessing game. Darth Vader Daddy seems to still be clueless about their relationship and I think he’ll end up being the last to know. Which is hilarious because he always knows everything going on at the hospital before anyone else does.

Kmuse: One of my favorite running plot arcs is Jun Wan keeping his relationship a secret from everyone and them being oblivious to what is really going on. That said, I can’t wait for the moment everyone becomes aware of this romance.

Karie the Maknae: HE TALKED TO HER INSTEAD OF MAKING ASSUMPTIONS!! Hands down, this is now my favorite kdrama relationship of all time because they actually communicated. And I’m with Drama Geek — I love that Darth Vader Daddy knows everyone’s business except this. It’ll be a fun reveal.

Connections between 2

Perhaps the most touching scene this week was Gyeo Wool, our lone General Surgery resident, comforting a woman whose small child had been hospitalized for three years only to eventually die. The mother kept coming back and visiting the nurses, and they wondered why. “Daddy Long Legs” Jeong Won understands this behavior and explains that the mother couldn’t quite move on yet, and the hospital staff are the only people who had really known and cared about her child. So Gyeo Wool takes the mom aside and shares that she too had loved that child, and offers to talk together at any time.

Note: Gyeo Wool and Jeong Won were the only couple who didn’t throw us a cliffhanger. They figured out their feelings and treated us to a beautiful kissing scene at the end of last season.

Telzeytalks: I like these two together even better than last year. Did you notice how she fixes her hair up and wants to look good for him? I love the way she appreciates his advice, and the sincere way she talks to the mother.

Drama Geek: Their professional relationship is really sweet. I do hope that as a couple we start seeing him less as her senior and more as her boyfriend. I know she has a lot to learn about being a doctor, but out of the hospital they are equals and I think that is a fun dynamic for them to explore this season.

Kmuse: I really felt deeply for the poor mother coming back over and over because the staff were the only people that really knew her daughter. That whole concept is just so sad and an aspect of long time child hospice that I never would have thought of by myself.

Karie the Maknae: I’m watching this with my daughter, and as soon as the mom came back the second time to talk to the staff, I realized why she was there and it was a total gut punch. So, of course, I had to tell my kid all about it and spoil the reveal for her. Heh. It was still good to see it play out in real time and to see Gyeo Wool taking Jeong Won’s advice seriously.

Friends for 2

At the end of last season, Ik Joon had asked brain surgeon Song Hwa to date, and she didn’t reply. To be precise, he had claimed that he knew someone who started to like a longtime friend, and asked if this man should tell the woman. In this episode we see Song Hwa sitting nervously in her car thinking it over, and then go to his office and gently give her answer.

She keeps to the “asking for a friend” scenario, and tells him that it is better for his friend to not say anything, because if they have a love affair and then break up, things will be too awkward and they will have lost their friendship. Ik Joon just sits quietly nodding his head, not saying anything.

Verdict: Technically the cliffhanger is resolved since she turned him down, but who really believes that things will stay that way?

Telzeytalks: You can see on his face how disappointed he is. Back in Season One I thought she liked him, partly because he gave her a hair scrunchie to wear for her interview. But nothing happened and he married someone else, so I think she has built walls. But I love her. She’s always kind to everyone.

Drama Geek: I’m actually okay with Song Hwa’s answer. We shouldn’t forget that he hasn’t been divorced that long, and mini Darth Vader is in the mix. There is no way for her to be sure Ik Joon’s feelings will remain the same, and their friend dynamic is way too important to her. Their relationship will probably be the big story arc of the season.

Kmuse: I do hope they get together sometime this season. However, I do understand the need to take things slow and not jump into a situation that could destroy their friendship dynamic.

Karie the Maknae: I’m calling it now: their romantic relationship is totally the endgame for this season. I love who they are when they’re together, and the strong foundation of trust they’ve already built. I’m happily along for this journey.

Feelings about Season 2

So here we are, immersed again in the lives of our five doctor friends. How do we all feel about this second season?

Telzeytalks: I enjoyed this show last year, and love these characters. So although I was a little peeved to see season one move from “slice of life” to “who is the husband” (a favorite plot of these writers) I’m happy with this beginning. Whatever they are cooking up, I’m here to eat it.

Drama Geek: Hmm…. I don’t t think the first episode felt like “who is the husband” at all. It retained it’s slice of life feel, my favorite part being the band practice that always brings them back together and introduces me to another older song I must have. I really needed the comfort of these characters back in my life. I was able to watch and not analyze plot or worry about who was who. I just relaxed and was immersed in the world of people of grown to love.

Kmuse: This was my comfort drama back when it first aired and I see this as my comfort drama going forward with season 2. It kept all the same wonderful feels and heart that I had grown to love.

Karie the Maknae: I’m with the Fangirls — slipping into the Hospital Playlist world is like putting on my favorite pair of pajamas. I’m so glad they’re back, and I’ll comfortably watch whatever stories they have to share with us.

See you the next time the doctors make their rounds!

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