Doom at Your Service Recap: Episode 15

Thankfully, we are getting closer to the end. We’ve had some plot movement, but I’m still skeptical about how this story will end. I’m doing my darnedest to give this drama all the chances, but honestly, I’m not impressed. Will they be able to save this drama in the last two episodes and make it less boring? I hope so. This fangirl needs more than one episode full of kisses and snuggles to put a show on her happy list.

To Die or Not to Die?

Dong Kyung is at the doctor’s and her tumor is shrinking. That would be great and all, but Doom is gone. Gone forever, or just for now? We don’t know. The Childlike God is gone too. So we get beautiful shots of our female lead basking in the sun in horribly oversized sweaters tucked into belted slacks. So it looks like she’s going to live and everyone else gets to live since Doom was the one she loved the most and he’s disappeared into mist. Why do they always disappear into mist?

It’s All a Concept

Baby Writer is in a meeting with Joo Ik and he he says he won’t sign a contract. He’s debuted and his concept will suffer if this innocent little boy is discovered to be a superstar writer. Joo Ik then pulls out the big guns and blackmails him. Baby Writer says he will only work with Dong Kyung, well, that’s not a problem. Joo Ik calls her and tells her to come to his house. She just so happens to be with Writer Bestie. Writer Bestie is vague on how things are going with Joo Ik. Sounds like a perfect time to meet up, right?

Top Ten

Joo Ik courts Dong Kyung into working with him, not with money, but with pride. He’s going to have all his artists on the top 10 list. Dong Kyung calls him out for not having Writer Bestie on the list. She tells him to stop being spoiled and have some courage where Writer Bestie is concerned. I’m bored of all of this. At least Joo Ik isn’t wearing a turtleneck in this scene. Now we have Dong Kyung moping at the crosswalk. Luckily, someone grabs her hand, and it’s Little Brother! He is so adorable. He’s also freezing his arms off in that short-sleeved tee. I love that he asks for her ugly cardigan. Everyone is gushing about how happy they are that she’s getting better. I miss Uncle Kevin. He should be there. He’s wrapping up all their business so he and Auntie can live in Korea. Even offscreen, Uncle Kevin is the best.


Writer Bestie is waiting for a text that never comes. Instead, Joo Ik shows up in person! This is what I like about him, he’s not messing around. He’s got a contract for her. He tells her he can’t live without seeing her. This is great, he’s put a double meaning on the contract. He wants her professionally and personally. She says she’s not good with romance, but he says she must be good with romance because she makes his heart flutter. Smooth, very smooth, and I am HERE for it! Someone needs to be happy and Writer Bestie and Joo Ik are adorable.

It’s Not That Easy

Dong Kyung wakes up and sees Doom in his room. She’s runs to him and embraces him. This is too easy, way too easy. It has to be a dream. And I’m right, it’s a dream. I was going to be mad if they wrapped it up that easily. She has blood on her pillow, so I’m wondering if she’s as healthy as we think. She meets with her old coworkers and everything is changing all around. Lots of secrets are revealed too, including the not so secret relationship between the younger set of coworkers. She goes to her new office with Joo Ik and it’s empty. Holy bad special effects Batman! This office looks as fake as the background set it actually is. That’s so distracting. Story, back to the story. Joo Ik tells Dong Kyung about how he likes Writer Bestie and she offers to pick up the contract. He tells her it’s push and pull and he’s pushing right now, so he will handle it.

Who Do You Love?

Little Brother is thinking big thoughts and dreaming big dreams. He’s talking to Hottie Cafe Owner and HCO tells him he could run the second store. Little Brother tells him he has to confess that he knows about HCO’s first love, Writer Bestie. Little Brother says he’s sorry things didn’t work out for Hottie Cafe Owner. As they discuss things, Hottie Cafe Owner says he’s ok. Little Brother asks about Joo Ik and everyone goes quiet. Hottie Cafe Owner then shows up at Joo Ik’s and they have some baseball practice. Who needs romance when you have bromance? They were friends before all of this mess and I hope they can retain that friendship. Oh, Hottie Cafe Owner hands over an olive branch and asks to hang out sometimes. Maybe they can stay friends.


Dong Kyung picked up a red rose earlier in the episode and she’s taken it all over town and now it’s on the counter at home. The flowers Doom bought her are dried in the vase on the table. She pulls out the dry flowers and puts the single flower in the vase and talks to it like it’s Doom. Writer Bestie had suggested that she try writing, so Dong Kyung sits at her laptop and starts writing her story. She puts all her memories into writing, awww, this is very sweet and sad.


Dong Kyung meets with Baby Writer, and he tells her that her boss is scary. He’s like a vampire! Backstory: Lee Soo Hyuk played a vampire named Gwi in The Scholar Who Walks at Night. He was sooo hot in that drama, and he plays a bad guy, so it’s even better. Anyway, it’s cute to watch as she convinces him to sign the paperwork. He tells her he’s thought about the whole Doom story. He says it’s set up for a sad ending, and he can’t watch a sad ending. So now I wonder, is she going to take control of her story? Does she have the power to write Doom back in? That would be a great plot twist, but I’m not sure that we will get it.

We All Miss Him

At dinner, Dong Kyung’s family has had a great day and they all share a moment where they say they miss Doom. Dong Kyung goes to Doom’s house. His house still exists, so part of him must still exist. Who pays for that now that he’s gone? She texts him about her day and hears the ping of his phone. It’s still charged, only in dramaland. She sees all his unsent texts and cries. She lays on his bed and stares at him , not the real him, it’s never the real him. This is heartbreaking, seriously heartbreaking. Of course it’s raining on her way back to her house. Even the sky is crying over this story.

Return of the Childlike God

When she gets off the bus, Dong Kyung runs into the Childlike God. For once, Childlike God is living her best life. Her heart is doing well, and she looks healthy. As she leaves, Dong Kyung gives her her umbrella and says she will just run home quickly. Back in her garden, the Childlike God looks at her flower and tells it that it’s growing well. Doom walks up behind her and asks about Dong Kyung. She says that Doom became a kind child. He’s a butterfly, and when butterflies die, they become flowers. I WAS RIGHT! He’s the flower! Now what? She tells him that his real destiny is to live in the garden happily as a human. Then she sends him away. There is no anger, no resentment, just… be happy. Are you kidding me? All of that blah and nothing, and she’s sending him back to Earth?

Happy Birthday

Childlike God sends Doom on his way with the words, “Happy Birthday.” Dong Kyung goes through her day-to-day existence, missing Doom terribly and scanning every face that walks by. She boards the bus to go home, and that’s when it starts raining again. We know Doom has to show up with her umbrella, right? The bus almost crashes, and someone grabs her wrist. It’s Doom, the real Doom, with regular clothes and regular hair and looking fine as can be. And now we have a whole final reunion episode in front of us.

My Thoughts:

Ugh, It’s all so predictable. You know, I’ve finally figured it out. What we are missing here is a real villain. A mustache-twirling villain I can be mad at, that’s what this drama needs. We don’t have enough strife, not really. Everyone is so nice to Dong Kyung, and yes, she’s got a brain tumor, which is horrible, but we have no real outside evil force to reckon with, and the story is dragging because of it. The resolution is so simple and easy, and it’s just, blah. There aren’t any real cliffhangers, everything resolves within an episode, and that’s boring. I’ve spent all this time with Seo In Guk smiling sweetly at Park Bo Young, and it feels like a magazine ad. I really wish the writing had been stronger.

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  1. The main leads acting is so good that it buys a lot of forgiveness for the rest of the show. Plus. I’m a fan of the OST. But wow, DAYS just didn’t have the story for 16 full episodes. Feels like 10-12 would have worked much better? Granted, I’m saying this before I watch the last episode…

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