Hospital Playlist: S2E3 Recap

This episode is generally fun and cheerful, with good friends, cute little kids, and snippets of romance that even show up in the music.

Teasing Us

The writers are really teasing us about Ik Joon and Song Hwa this week. Even the lyrics of the song they play is part of the plot: “Your confusing confession makes my heart flutter, but it’s too difficult to understand, so I don’t like it.”

When the VIP violinist leaves the hospital, Song Hwa comes to say goodbye and the mother still pushes her son as dating material. However, he swiftly defuses the situation by taking Song Hwa over to the café and apologizing. He tells her he already has a girlfriend. They had been friends for a long time, and then one day she had surprised him by saying she liked him. He had refused her at first because it seemed strange, but he got to thinking about it and changed his mind. He wants to be with her because, after all, she makes him happy.

He asks Song Hwa if she has a friend like that, and just then Ik Joon walks by with iced coffees for the nurses. He clowns around a little and sticks a straw up his nose, just to make Song Hwa laugh. (You will be glad to know that he throws that straw away and doesn’t give it to the nurses.)

Telzeytalks: The story about the son and his girlfriend is an obvious parallel to Song Hwa and Ik Joon, and we see by her face that this isn’t lost on her. I also thought it was hilarious that Song Hwa’s resident, Seon Bin, was trying to get her to pretend to have a boyfriend just to get the mother out of her hair. Imagine Song Hwa asking Ik Joon to do that!

Karie the Maknae: This parallel was very much needed — I get the feeling Song Hwa was locked inside her own head with the fear of “what if it all falls apart?” — and it was saved from being heavy-handed with Ik Joon’s antics.

Kmuse: I was so excited by the Looney cameo. That actor is not utilized enough in dramaland, in my opinion. Agree with my co-bloggers that this just be what Song Hwa needs to move forward.

Drama Geek: I said last week I totally understand Song Hwa’s response and I still do. I’m also glad we had Looney in give her a little push. I was so happy when the nurse asked why one of the drinks was missing a straw.

Little Cutie Pies

Jeong Won’s first patient of the day is the cutest little girl ever, who shows off her lollipop and tells everyone on the elevator that she has three more at home and what flavors they are. In his office she tries to tell Jeong Won too, but can’t think of the third flavor. Later when she hops up to go home, she runs over to him and whispers in his ear the third one: toasted rice.

Having sets of three must be popular, because Ik Joon’s little boy Uju has three things he wants to eat for dinner. He visits the hospital, his dad sends him off to wash his hands, and he comes back holding them up in front of him surgeon style. Hahaha. Ik Joon inspects his hands and asks what he wants to eat. Uju give his preferences. “One: hamburger, two: burger, three: uhhh.” Ik Joon grabs his coat and they head home to order burgers.

Telzeytalks: Aww. With the little lollipop girl showing up at the start of the episode, I knew it would be a good one. And I love it when we get to see Uju. We need more of him!

Karie the Maknae: How does Uju stay so adorable? This director and crew must be absolutely amazing with kids. I’m also very curious now — what does a toasted rice lollipop taste like?

Kmuse: Cute kids are always a bonus. Especially when they are not crying and making my heart hurt.

Drama Geek: I love Uju so much!! I just love the father and son relationship. The scene is short, but you can tell it isn’t always easy when dad runs off to save someone’s life. Uju does understand in his own way, but this type of job would be so hard on a single parent.

Romance Secrets

Jeong Won and Gyeo Wool are trying to keep their relationship secret, but it’s proving difficult. He walks in late to a meeting and opens a bottled drink for her without thinking. Everyone notices and jokes about how well he treats the one GS resident. Ik Joon teases that he must be Gyeo Wool’s boyfriend! She freezes, but the others all think it’s ridiculous and laugh. Jeong Won retaliates by pinching Ik Joon’s neck and muttering threats.

Later on, outside the hospital, he picks up Gyeo Wool for a date, innocently thinking they are being discreet and no one will notice. They are completely unaware that several residents and interns are watching them from the window!

Jun Wan and Ik Soon are also keeping their romance a secret. She calls to tell him about a road trip she’s taking, and he suggests going on the train because in England they drive on a different side of the road than in Korea. She promises they will be fine, but we all know what will happen. When he tries to call later, a man’s voice answers her phone. That alone is a shock; it’s a friend whose name she has mentioned several times. There has been an accident and she has a head injury. Oohh.

Telzeytalks: I love that scene of all the residents and interns at the window. We know these gawkers, especially Seon Bin. They haven’t figured out what is going on yet, though.

Karie the Maknae: The staff’s reactions are brilliantly played off as admiration for Jeong Won’s fantastic manners, but I know it won’t last long. Also, Gyeo Wool’s laser eyes during the meeting, when Ik Joon couldn’t resist his little joke, made me laugh and laugh. On the other hand, I fully expect Jun Wan to be on the first plane to Britain. The directors have teased us with relationship insecurity on his side, but I don’t think that Ik Soon’s friend being male will create any conflict.

Kmuse: I don’t know. He seemed kind of thrown over who the London friend is. Especially since Ik Soon hasn’t clarified what is going on. Guess we will have to wait til next week to have our questions answered.

Drama Geek: Can we talk about the sweet kiss between Gyeo Wool & Jeong Won? I don’t think dramaland has many relationships that are just them being together. They’re balancing several in this show, and I just loved how calm and sweet this couple saying goodnight with a kiss was. Plus, Chilbongie is a good kisser. LOL

Trading Favors

The biggest storyline this week is about Chief Surgeon Kwon, who has a brother who needs liver surgery. He asks Ik Joon to do it, as the doctor he trusts most, but is so worried he sits waiting outside the operating room the whole time. He is so happy things turn out well that he offers to do a favor for Ik Joon any time.

That favor comes due soon enough when one of Ik Joon’s friends, who runs a small hospital in Mokpo at the south end of Korea, sends him a patient who needs a transplant but has a lot of complications. The friend has a second difficult transplant to do himself the next day, and he really needs another surgeon to help. Ik Joon promises to send somebody. The Chief looks exhausted, but Ik Joon asks him anyway. “Do you want to go help some innovators?” The friend in Mokpo is amazed that the Chief himself came to help, and all that he was able to do.

Telzeytalks: We never get to see the friend in Mokpo, but everyone knows him. Ik Joon is the only one who didn’t know he was a rival and had tricked him in the past. This is a pretty good indicator that he could be easily tricked by other friends, say Jun Wan for example!

Karie the Maknae: I really liked how this storyline played out — it was a great way to showcase how generous and thoughtful Ik Joon is under his playful exterior. The “rival” bit was pretty funny too.

Kmuse: This drama is really doing the medical stuff well. I care enough for a positive outcome but don’t become bogged down to where I find myself depressed. It is a hard line to walk for a show.

Drama Geek: It’s refreshing to see doctors on all fronts helping one another and their patients. I kept trying to place the voice on the other end, because I was positive it would be cameo, but then Looney showed up so I guess I was wrong. Although I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this doctor.

Thoughts and Feelings

We are treated to a lot of upbeat stories this week, but that’s not the whole story at a hospital. The one really sad story is about the mom from last week whose child is waiting for a heart transplant. She has been so sweet and tried to stay positive, but another child gets a donor heart first. Though she is happy for that child, we see her later in the hospital garden crying her eyes out. How do we feel about the mix of stories this week?

Telzeytalks; I’m glad we have a cheerful episode this week, but these characters are so real, and we care so much about them, that I don’t mind getting a peek at this mom. I’m in it for the good feels, so let’s hope she gets better news soon!

Karie the Maknae: I wondered about this mom. She had been so supportive and upbeat and helpful to the other PICU mom that I thought she might have some grief when a heart came in for the other child and not hers. I hate being right. This actress is doing a phenomenal job, though, showing the range of emotions that come from being a caregiver to a child with a long-term illness.

Kmuse: I can’t imagine the absolute trauma of being a parent and having one’s child living in the hospital until a transplant can save them. The stress must be overwhelming.

Drama Geek: I love the way this show can reveal how complicated things are in real life. Yes, you can be happy for someone that their child is saved and still deeply mourn for your own loss that you weren’t the next in line. The show does display some sad stories, but I have hope that this one will have a happy outcome.

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