Hospital Playlist: S2E4 Recap

This week we see a wide variety of patient stories, look in through the ICU windows a lot, and get a couple of big WOWs from Ik Joon! Pictured is the one is for Jeong Won’s special project, and the other is the reveal at the end of the episode.

Helping the patients

Jeong Won continues to be cute with his patients, especially the little pumpkin who likes to do pinky promises. He realizes a lot of these kids come a long way in to the hospital, so he decides to expand his Daddy Long Legs program to sponsor a group house where their families can stay. While he’s getting a loan from a bank that gives out stuffed animals to their customers, Jeong Won is kid enough to get two of them for Gyeo Wool. She seems to be kid enough to like them.

Jun Wan’s resident, Jae Hak, teaches him how to use social media. Our prickly marshmallow doctor wasn’t really interested, but Jae Hak has taken to teasing him and getting him to do things. Jun Wan has recently taken over the care of a patient who is paralyzed and notices she never has visitors, so he uses his new skills to share her story on his social media account. He is a little surprised to see how many volunteers sign up to come!

Song Hwa’s resident, Seon Bin, has a fight with her boyfriend and the silence goes on for two weeks. Asked for advice, she tells Seon Bin it’s better to just wait. “As long as you both want to make it work and aren’t too far apart,” she says, “then something will come along.” Shortly after that, Seon Bin tangles with a neurology fellow who doesn’t listen to her when she says a patient needs help. She ends up losing her temper, yelling at him, and calling in the professor to do an emergency procedure. She is feeling bad about how she handled it when her boyfriend, Seok Min, shows up with flowers. “You did nothing wrong,” he says. “I’m sorry.”

Telzeytalks: It’s sweet the paralyzed patient is getting visitors, but I also think she needs a TV. I wonder if Song Hwa’s remark, “and aren’t too far apart,” is a hint about Ik Soon and Jun Wan. On the other hand, “something will come along,” could be a hint about her and Ik Joon.

Drama Geek: I totally thought Jun Wan was trying social media because of his girlfriend, but of course it’s all business for him, even in that. I love that he brought the patient visitors. I wondered when Ik Joon had a patient who needed a place to stay, where that storyline would end up, and leave it to our resident angel and Buddha to figure out something that will really help their patients.

Karie the Maknae: I love the deep care we get to see from the doctors — they think about more than the problem in front of them, and it adds such wonderful layers to our story. And does a very nice job of making us love them more! I did have to question Song Hwa giving relationship advice, since she seems scared of relationships right now.

Good news!

We’ve been following the story of a couple of mothers who have children in the PICU waiting for heart transplants. One of the kids got a donor heart after only a week, but the other one, Eun Ji, has been waiting for five months. Her mom has remained cheerful and even encouraged the other mom a lot, but when Eun Ji gets a blood clot it’s one stress too many, and her mom kind of falls apart.

Finally it happens! A hospital higher on the transplant list can’t accept a donor heart because their patient has an infection, and so a heart becomes available for Eun Ji. A greatly relieved Jun Wan tells the mother about it, and she jumps from depression to hope.

As Eun Ji’s parents wait outside the operating room, the other mom hears about it and comes to see them. She is so happy for them and thankful for the support she had received, and has come to wait together.

Telzeytalks: Watching the doctors and residents worrying about Eun Ji made me worry that things would go south. I’m so glad we got good news for this story because I really loved this mom a lot.

Drama Geek: I’ll admit that I was a tiny bit bored with the medical stuff this week, but when the two moms came together and you could see how happy the other mother was that Eun Ji was getting a heart, I was all in for these characters. This show does this type of long-term payoff SO WELL.

Karie the Maknae: These moms have had my heart from the beginning. The incredible stress of having a child in the hospital can’t really be understood by anyone who hasn’t experienced it, and I loved watching these moms support each other through the experience, ESPECIALLY when the other mom came back to support Eun Ji’s mom. She could have let the connection go, but she didn’t.

Letting it slip

Jun Wan is not eating well and losing weight because he constantly worries about Ik Soon and the guy who lives in her building. One day he is sitting with Jae Hak, picking at his lunch. Eating fried chicken legs prompts him to remark that Ik Soon likes them. Jae Hak notices and asks, “Ik Soon?” Jun Wan immediately corrects himself, “Ik Joon.” But Jae Hak persists, “You said Ik Soon.” They bicker.

The next time Jun Wan talks to Ik Soon, he notices she doesn’t look well, and she admits she has a headache and a fever. She calls him Oppa, which actually means “brother,” but is also what girls call a boyfriend. When her real brother, Ik Joon, calls, she claims she is only tired. She asks about his friends, and he tells her that Jun Wan is overworked and stressed and his girlfriend seems to be a problem. The next thing we know, Ik Soon calls Jun Wan, telling him she has fallen for another man, and breaks up with him.

At this point, it is important to remember what we know about Ik Soon from season one. We first saw her at the end of episode three as a patient in the ER. She was in an accident, but already had a big scar from a previous surgery. She has a history of liver problems and blocked ducts between the liver and the gall bladder. One wonders if Ik Joon became a liver specialist because of her.

Ik Soon calls Ik Joon to admit she hadn’t been feeling well and had gone to the doctor. Her liver is acting up again and the ducts are swollen. He is shocked and tells her to come home immediately; he will book a plane reservation. Then she tells him to keep it a secret. “Don’t tell Mom and Dad. And don’t tell Jun Wan Oppa.” Ik Joon, knowing what that implies, turns to stare at Jun Wan.

Telzeytalks: Oh wow, he knows! They’ve been teasing this for so long. Every time they let it slip I laughed, and this time I cheered. This was great!

Drama Geek: So, I’m not of the opinion that Jun Wan was stressed because of the guy that lives in her building. He was a bit shocked at first, but didn’t seem to give it much attention after that. My take is he trusts his girlfriend, but was really worried about her health. He knows all her past medical history, and having a brain bleed isn’t a little thing. I also think he’s overworking himself and not having any fun time except maybe band practice. I’m going to wait and see how this plays out, but I really hope Ik Soon didn’t break up with him because of her health. I also hope she didn’t really fall for someone, so I’m not sure what I want. LOL.

Karie the Maknae: I’m convinced Jun Wan is concerned about the long-term aftereffects of Ik Soon’s concussion, and that’s why he’s worried. I’m still a little shocked that he didn’t hop on the first plane he could to get to Britain and check on her himself. I’d forgotten about her scar, though! Yes, our funny soldier doesn’t always have the best health, and Jun Wan isn’t doing his health any favors. I just want to make them eat some good food and sleep for a while!

Thoughts and feelings

Here is adorable Gyeo Wool with her stuffed animals, getting a chance to be lighthearted. We have happy progress for many characters, as well as one big reveal. Who thinks this was a good way for Ik Joon to find out about his sister and Jun Wan? Where do we think the story will go from here?

Telzeytalks: It seemed like this episode was a little trickle of small doings and not too exciting. But the stories came together really well and ended up being interesting. And then they really hit us with the big surprise at the end. Nice one, but I can’t help but wonder if Ik Soon is indulging in a spot of noble idiocy. Can’t wait for next week.

Drama Geek: There were fewer friend moments and lots of medical talk. I hope this will be a one off episode that feels this way. Yes, Writernim, we know we need to see them doing their jobs, but we also need more with just these friends being people. That being said, there were some great scenes. One of my favorite understated moments was when they all ate together and Ik Joon witness how close our OB doctors have become. I also loved the payoff of the two mothers. I trust that Ik Soon will be okay, and the show won’t be too sad.

Karie the Maknae: I actually had to verify with my daughter that the pacing felt a little off this episode — I thought that maybe I was just tired and my sleepiness was messing with my perception. No matter what, I’m happy to spend time with my doctors again, and I need to see them at band practice more often!

Until the next set of rounds, we remain —

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