Fangirls Indian Movie Review: Kahaani

Looking for something new for your summer watchlist? I’m a huge fan of mystery and suspense, so when I stumbled upon the Indian movie Kahaani on Netflix, I was intrigued. Kmuse and I were deep into Indian romantic comedies when this gem popped up on my suggestion list. Nothing is what it seems in this movie, and the mystery goes so much deeper than you realize. Beware! Spoilers ahead!


IMDB- A pregnant woman’s search for her missing husband takes her from London to Kolkata, but everyone she questions denies having ever met him.


Vidya Bagchi arrives in Kolkata pregnant, alone, and on a mission. Her husband, Arnab, is missing. He had traveled to Kolkata for work, but she had not heard from him for over two weeks. She goes straight to the police station to file a missing persons report, and then proceeds to follow the trail he left behind. No one seems to know him though, and anyone who thinks they know him is in danger. Vidya will not rest until she finds her husband, and she doesn’t back down from any threats that come her way.

I was immediately pulled into this story because the premise was so interesting. She’s pregnant and she’s traveled from London to India to find her missing husband. I mean, who does that? Can she even do that? What will happen to her and her baby as she looks for him? I had so many questions. She’s so determined and you get caught up in her determination. I NEEDED to know what happened to her husband.


Vidya Bagchi

A major plot point is that Vidya is pregnant and alone in a foreign country. She’s searching for her missing husband, but she hits so many roadblocks. She is a software engineer and has great deductive skills. She’s also not afraid to do a little hacking if necessary. As a pregnant woman, no one feels threatened by her, they actually feel sorry for her and tell her to just go home.

Vidya is so strong. She travels alone to a place she doesn’t know, to find her husband. She knows she wasn’t abandoned, even though everyone tries to tell her that her husband probably left her. She uses the people around her to find out more information and she’s so smart. She uses every tool at her disposal to follow his trail and bring him home. I love how she stands firm and doesn’t back down.

Rana (Inspector Satyaki Sina)

Rana is the first person Vidya meets when she goes to the police station. He goes around and assists her as she searches for clues about her missing husband. Rana is dedicated to helping her solve this mystery, and he breaks several rules to help her out.

Rana is an interesting character. We meet him and he’s kind of a sweet bumbling kind of guy. He seems very upstanding and determined to help Vidya no matter what. We think it’s because she’s pregnant, but he has ulterior motives. He’s not just a nice guy, he’s also someone who is looking for Arnab.

Bob Biswas

While Bob isn’t the mastermind, he’s the assassin on Vidya’s trail. Bob is an unassuming insurance salesman by day, but he’s just a plant. His real job is to “take care” of people who are in the way of the real villain, the head of the International Bureau.

Bob was freaking scary! He looks like your uncle that pats your head and slips you a $5 bill when your mom isn’t looking. Nothing about him says killer, nothing. The way he crossed himself when he killed someone also gave me chills. I don’t care who ordered him to be the assassin, he was scary. I read a review that said the actor’s wife couldn’t watch his scenes because he was so scary.


This movie has a very film noir feel to it. There is an intentional use of light and dark, as well as a feeling of emptiness. As Vidya traces her husband’s tracks through the city, she insists on staying at a very questionable guest house that her husband told her about. She walks through dark alleys and broken down rooms, very rarely do we see her in full sunshine. This is a movie of shadows and dark places.

I loved the gritty feel of this movie. It’s so dark though, and it’s really sad. It makes you feel tired and hopeless, scared, and determined. I love when a movie or drama makes me feel all the emotions.

Would We Recommend?

I would absolutely recommend this movie. I’m giving it a couple of days and then I’m going to do a rewatch. I want to see what clues I missed along the way. I love a good mystery and a good thriller and this movie checked all the boxes. The acting was spectacular, the setting was perfect, and the story was tight.

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4 thoughts on “Fangirls Indian Movie Review: Kahaani

  1. Great Movie!
    If you are looking for more good Indian suspense thrillers, I’d recommend Talaash (2012) and Drishyam (2015)

  2. Oh, you found a real gem. Watched this movie several times and it just gets better with every re-watch. Initially, I sympathized with being pregnant in that intense heat but when I realized that it was a disguise, I was shocked. Will go looking for the thrillers mentioned, thanks!

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