Top 5 Kpop MV: It’s a Kpop Salad!

If salads are healthy for your insides, then a kpop salad must be SUPER healthy for your ears, right? Join me through this journey through several groups and styles, including a Pepsi commercial that I fell in love with. Yeah, you read that right. Come see what I found for this week’s top 5 kpop MVs!

Kingdom – “Karma”

Not to be confused with the kpop competition show of the same name, Kingdom is a group in its own right. They debuted just this year with “Excalibur” and are following it up with the excellent “Karma.” Check out their multicultural-inspired dance moves and the elaborate costumes!

SF9 – “Teardrop”

This soft electronic number is melodic and moody, and the entire MV is an art piece — and I’m not just talking about the boys! Check it out:

Onewe – “AuRoRa”

Y’all, I am riding the Onewe train all the way to the end with this album, and I’m so glad they are too! This is the THIRD MV from their Planet Nine album, and I love it. Can we just have an MV for every song on the album? Pretty please? Complete with a Kanghyun guitar solo? Thank you!

NELL – “Glow in the Dark”

Whether he’s singing a duet with Agust D (“Dear My Friend”) or leading Nell, I will ALWAYS stop to listen to Kim Jong Wan’s unique voice. Give this alt rock song a spin and tell me you love it too.

Rain x Monsta X x Brave Girls x ATEEZ – “Summer Taste”

Yes, I know this is a commercial for Pepsi and I DON’T EVEN CARE. It’s fun, it’s summer, and it has some of my favorite idols in it!

BONUS TRACK: Namewee feat. Leehom Wang – “Strangers in the North”

MiataMama sent this song to me and WOW. I was immediately captivated by the sharp rap and the longing melody, the tone of being homesick while trying to make a better life in the city, and the core of resilience and hope at the center of it. You HAVE to listen to it.

What’s in your kpop salad this week, music fans? Drop down in the comments and let me know!

Until the next record spins, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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  1. Ha ha I legit laughed when you mentioned pepsi ad song in this list. (I understand you, I too was obsessed with BTS Coca cola ad cover song – into the jungle 😂)
    Thanks for sharing!! ❤️ 💜

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