Throwback Thursday Podcast: The Perfect Chinese Drama for a Summer Binge

This week’s Throwback Thursday is perfect for these long summer days! We chat about what Chinese dramas are great for summer binge watching. So if you missed it the first time around, or just want a reminder on what great shows there are available, come join us! (Originally aired in 2018)

***Disclaimer – Our special guest was warring with hotel wifi during the podcast.  We apologize for any lapses in sound that occur.

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3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Podcast: The Perfect Chinese Drama for a Summer Binge

    • I’ll have to listen to make sure which show we were talking about. There is an older Chinese drama called cruel romance that we loved. Bloody romance we watched but didn’t enjoy it that much.

      • Ah, I just looked it up. There’s indeed a drama called Cruel Romance with Huang Xiang Ming. I will check It out. I liked Bloody Romance well enough. The title song was really beautiful. Then I made a mistake of looking up the novel it was based on. Oh my, it was really horrific in it’s torture porn. Completely spoiled the drama for me.

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