Podcast #135 – Falling in love with Chinese drama The Day of Becoming You

Who out there loves a good body-swap drama? Then this is the cozy chat for you. Drama Geek and The Maknae chat about the adorable Chinese drama The Day of Becoming You, sharing all their favorite moments and thoughts.


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4 thoughts on “Podcast #135 – Falling in love with Chinese drama The Day of Becoming You

  1. Loved Day of Becoming You, I highly recommend You Are My Glory with Yang Yang & Dilraba. It just finished via WeTV fast track and crashed WeTV for the last few episodes, because too many people were trying to pay to see it. Such a beautiful relationship, amazing chemistry and all around comfort drama.

  2. Oh my god, I love love love this drama! Steven Zhang and Liang Jie are such brilliant comedic actors. I had never seen Steven Zhang before, but he’s excellent. Liang Jie I already knew I liked from The Eternal Love series. Funny, but also well emoted acting. The script is amusing and the characters and stories are good. Excuse me while i go fangirl Steven Zhang for the next few months.

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