First Impressions of the Cdrama “Our Secrets”

Sometimes I need to watch something that no one has been talking about, just so I can go into it fresh and without anyone’s opinions influencing my own. I decided to noodle around on iQIYI one night in search of just such a drama, and I discovered Our Secrets. Come see if this Chinese coming-of-age drama is holding my attention!

The Story So Far

Ding Xian and Zhou Si Yue are high school classmates, thrown together when their fathers’ friendship brings Xian’s family to Si Yue’s city. They end up living relatively near each other, and end up in the same senior class too. As per usual, Si Yue is at the top of his class, and Xian is struggling to keep up with the elite students. 

But that’s not where we start. The story opens on college freshman Xian trying to get into the boys’ dormitory at her new university, yelling Si Yue’s name. She finally gets his attention, but as they converse it becomes clear that any feelings in the relationship are only on Xian’s side. So how did we get from friendly seatmates to here?

Who’s Who

Ding Xian is played by idol actress Rainbow, also known as Xu Meng Jie. She has a fresh, artless look to her, and she’s filling the role well. It’s easy to sympathize with Ding Xian’s quieter self, her frustration with her mischievous younger brother, and the unease she feels at being the new girl in school.

Zhou Si Yue is played by Chen Zhe Yuan, who is also an idol actor. Previously, he starred in Handsome Siblings opposite Hu Yi Tian, and his experience shows as he brings an understated charisma to the role of Si Yue. His gradual thawing towards Xian has been fun to watch.

Will I Keep Watching?

Our Secrets has been solid and intriguing so far. The main characters actually feel like high school students, and they start out as antagonists of sorts, which is one of my FAVORITE beginnings for a romance. There’s also the mystery of why they’re not connected at the hip at college, as well as the robot in knitted overalls that seems to have significance for both of them. I’m not substalking the drama by any means, but I find myself turning to it time and time again when I have a free moment.

What do you think, drama fans? Will you be watching Our Secrets? Drop down in the comments and let me know!

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  1. I just finished this and loved it all the way through their relationship is so pure and I like the turn tabled they do.
    Very good watch

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