Top 5 Kpop MVs: Only On YouTube

The music world as I know it has been vastly upgraded with the existence of Spotify and iTunes. I can stream SO MUCH MUSIC and take my albums with me wherever I go. On the other hand, kpop is nothing if not prolific, with solo projects and covers alllllll over the place. Thanks to the intricacies of licensing, not all of my favorite music is available on my favorite streaming sites, so I have to turn to YouTube. Come see which videos I watch over and over again because I can’t get that sweet sound anywhere else!

Changbin (feat. Bang Chan) – “Streetlight”

Stray Kids’ Changbin and Bang Chan have collaborated more than once, and I like it! This beautiful blend of their gritty voices, paired with the simple piano melody and snare drums, suits almost every mood I have. I wish the Stray Kids solo projects like these were available on Spotify, because I would stream them ALL THE TIME.

Goblin OST – “Amnesia”

Heartrendingly beautiful, “Amnesia” captures the more complicated emotions from Goblin, giving me ALL THE FEELS every time I listen to it. I can just picture the teahouse where Reaper takes the newly dead to drink the tea of forgetfulness that will allow them to forget their pain and move forward into a new life. “Amnesia” is melancholy and hope intertwined.

T.O.P. – “Hi Haruka” from Secret Message OST

Secret Message is a sweet, short drama about a Korean man and a Japanese woman who accidentally form a connection, but the only way they can really communicate is by texting each other and using a translation app. Trust me, it’s better than my short little synopsis makes it sound. Anyway, TOP of BigBang plays the male lead, and at one point during a blackout, he sings to Haruka, helping her not be so afraid. He may be a well-known rapper, but this song is what really made me fall in love with TOP’s voice.

Lee Hong Gi – “Pathfinders”

There must be something eternally upbeat in Lee Hong Gi’s nature, because he always seems to be filled with so much JOY. Even in a more serious song like “Pathfinders,” which is about accepting ourselves and making our own path, he radiates happiness and hope. Also, his white suit is STUNNING. I’ll let you decide for yourself just what kind of stunning it is…..

Gaho – “How You Like That” cover (original artist: BlackPink)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if Gaho sings it, I will listen to it. When he started dropping covers last year, I was DELIGHTED and in love with the sound he created. His cover of BlackPink’s “How You Like That” really deserves all the accolades — he’s created a sound related to the original, but also fully his own. See also his covers of Rose’s “On the Ground” and IU’s “Love Poem” — they are absolute auditory treats.

BONUS TRACK: Kim Woojin – “My growing pains”

So it’s safe to say that Kim Woojin’s The moment is one of my favorite albums of 2021, and I’m SO GLAD that he’s got MVs for “My growing pains” and “In my space” in addition to “Still Dream” and “Ready Now”. Pretty sure I could listen to him sing all day long (probably because I already have…).

Share your finds with me, music fans! What songs do you have on repeat on YouTube?

Until the next MV drops, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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