Top 5 Kpop MVs: Deep and Strong

Today’s picks are almost exclusively based on the singers’ voices. These entries from Youngjae, Cravity, Donghae, Eric Nam (!), and Enhypen feature strong melodies, intense colors, and grounded vocals that keep me listening, even when the song’s not a genre I normally turn to. Come see if they belong on your kpop lists!

Youngjae – “Vibin”

I think Youngjae has perfectly captured the feeling of just being caught up in doing your own thing and just, well, vibin’. GOT7 lives on, y’all!

Cravity – “Veni Vidi Vici”

Cravity can be hit or miss for me, but I’m loving their styling and their vocals in “Veni Vidi Vici.” I swear I’m hearing veni vidi vicious….

Donghae – “California Love” (feat. Jeno of NCT)

PINK HAIR! *cough cough* What I meant to say is LISTEN to the masterful way Donghae handles the vocals in this solo. Loving the jazzy, urban vibe he’s brought to it. Jeno’s gritty vocals are a perfect complement to the song. What a pairing!

Eric Nam – “I Don’t Know You Anymore”

There’s nothing more terrifying than going fully solo, and Eric Nam knows it. Whether it’s musically or romantically, he’s handling it like a pro, and this MV is FANTASTIC. (Also, his boots are totally worthy of Robert Downey Jr. They are STYLIN’.)

Enhypen – “Tamed-Dashed”

I was hoping that the MV for “Tamed-Dashed” would have a depth to it that I haven’t found in the song itself yet. Wish granted! Enhypen’s performance adds that depth to it, and I can hear echoes of “Drunk-Dazed,” tying the two songs together. Loving this release from our favorite I-Land boys. Make sure you watch for the striped shirts and leather kilts — visual treat!

What do you think, music fans? Are these songs something you’ll be adding to your playlist? Drop down in the comments below and let me know!

Until the next MV debuts, I remain —

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Kpop MVs: Deep and Strong

  1. I’ve sorta kinda been “out of” kpop for a while but when YT suggested me Youngjae’s “Vibin” I just had to hit play. Annnnd I love the song! Yup, it’s vibing allright. I also liked Erik Nam’s “I Don’t Konw You Anymore” a lot. Those boots are fab! 😀 I spent better part of the video trying to figure out who he reminds me of. Then it came to me – Zhang Ruoyun (Chinese actor), ha.

    Here’s another one for the list. 냉정과 열정 사이 / Nam Woo Hyun of Infinite. It has a nice flow and his voice has matured quite a bit. The vid just dropped today

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