First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Let Me Be Your Knight

Sometimes, it’s the comfortably predictable drama that fills our drama needs, especially when it has stellar actors and decent directing and solid writing. Looking for something light and fluffy to balance out your watch list? Let Me Be Your Knight has you covered!

The Plot

(From AsianWiki) – Yoon Tae-In (Lee Jun-Young) is the leader of idol group Luna. He suffers from sleep walking. To cure his ailment secretly, a fake doctor begins to live with him.

In Yoon-Joo (Jung In-Sun) works as a tour guide. Her dream is to one day buy her own house. She happens to get involved in an incident and begins to live as a fake doctor with the 5 members of Luna: Yoon Tae-In, Lee Shin (JR), Kim Yoo-Chan (Yoon Ji-Sung), Woo Ga-On (Kim Dong-Hyun) and Seo Woo-Yeon (Jang Dong-Joo).

Karie the Maknae: Oh, the plot was fairly predictable in the first episode as Yoon Ju and Tae In’s characters were getting established. The real estate scam about killed me, though. I really wanted Yoon Ju to get the house!

MiataMama: ALL the tropey-tropes for the win!!! Sometimes you just want a drama where you can excitedly anticipate what’s coming next. Let Me Be Your Knight fits the bill. Mis-understandings abound and I cannot wait to see if this plays out the way I think it’s going to. . . Or maybe, just maybe, there are some unexpected twists headed our way!

Not So Sisterly Sisters

Jung In Sun (How to be Thirty, My Secret Terius) is unexpectedly taking on the dual roles of In Yoon Ju and her twin sister, Kang Sun Jun. They were separated in childhood after their parents died, and Kang Sun Jun ended up in America and became a famous sleep doctor. In Yoon Ju stayed in Korea, worked hard as a tour guide and delivery driver, and saved up to buy back their old family home. She hasn’t heard from her twin in years, and is desperate to reconnect with Sun Jun.

Karie the Maknae: I’m liking Yoon Ju. She’s bubbly but grounded, and very good at connecting with people. I’m rooting for her to reconcile with her sister at some point — because when a long-lost family member is looking for you, how are you THAT cold? — and I think the romance between Yoon Ju and Tae In will be super cute. 

MiataMama: Each time I see Jung In Sun in a new role, I’m impressed with how she is growing as an actress! I absolutely love her bright and sunny disposition as Yoon Ju – a total opposite of her cold and callous twin. There’s definitely something behind doctor-sister’s reluctance to reconcile. . . I’m curious about what went down with their childhood separation! In the meantime, I think Yoon Ju is just what the doctor ordered to help melt our prickly lead singer’s heart and give him a proper wake-up call.

The Sleepwalking Perfectionist

Lee Jun Young (Imitation, Please Don’t Date Him) is taking on his second role as an idol this year in playing Yoon Tae In. This role is a bit different from his lead in Imitation, but only a bit so far. With only one episode available, it’s hard to judge how it’s going to play out, but so far Tae In is a driven visionary who tends to push people away. His band just recorded an album that Tae In put together completely on his own, from songwriting to production. It’s not going well, and the stress of the fallout has driven our lead into sleepwalking.

Karie the Maknae: Lee Jun Young was adorable as the snotty idol in Good Casting, redeemable as the cold senior idol in Imitation, and a little confusing as the lead idol here in Let Me Be Your Knight. It feels like he runs hot and cold with the people around him, but there must be something in him to admire, because he has the devotion of his group’s maknae, played by AB6IX’s Kim Dong Hyun. Thanks to Please Don’t Date Him, I know Jun Young has greater range than playing an idol, but I’m starting to wonder if he’s being typecast.

MiataMama: I LOVED him in Please Don’t Date Him!! I hope in the future Lee Jun Young can circumvent this obvious type-casting and take on a different kind of lead again. HOWEVER, as a real-life idol he is always convincing in his idol roles, and this one is no different. It’s pretty evident his sleep-walking is stress induced and it’s also not the first time it’s happened – I’m just waiting for the childhood trauma to be revealed! *rubs hands together gleefully* I wasn’t kidding about the tropes folks!

Do We Recommend?

Karie the Maknae: So we’re writing this post after only watching one episode, but since Let Me Be Your Knight is only releasing one episode a week and Viki’s subbing is RIDICULOUSLY slow and somewhat confusing, we wanted to get our thoughts out there. 

Personally, I’m torn. I’m a huge fan of Jung In Sun and Lee Jun Young, which is what drew me to this drama in the first place. They are absolutely nailing their parts. The plot itself, as mentioned above, is predictable and cliche, and since all four screenwriters (YES, FOUR) are brand new, I don’t expect that to change. However, predictable can be fun and comforting sometimes, and Let Me Be Your Knight is a nice contrast to the more serious dramas I have on my plate right now. And I do have at least one burning question that will keep me watching for a while — what in the heck is wrong with the other twin? Why was she so cold?

MiataMama: The sloooooow subbing is a definite drawback right now. And past experience with one-episode-a-week dramas leads me to think this might be a lot more fun to binge watch! That being said – the first episode was really cute and entertaining! The leads are perfectly cast, the supporting band-mates are adorable, and I think ultimately there’s going to be lots of fluff and not too much angst with this story. Also, the K-pop junkie in me needs to track down LUNA’s song, because that was unexpectedly catchy and I need to add it to my playlist already!!

What do you think, drama fans? Will you be watching?

Until the inevitable break up and make up, we remain —

Karie the Maknae & MiataMama

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2 thoughts on “First Impressions and Unfiltered Thoughts: Let Me Be Your Knight

  1. The plot was interesting enough and I must say that, so far, Let Me Be Your Knight is entertaining and funny, even if a bit cheesy sometimes, but not overshadowing, so it’s fine. Lee Jun Young is a very good actor, but I still think his best perfomance was in Class of Lies, where he played the role of the psychopathic student magistrally. I liked him in Imitation as well; beside LMBYK, I’m also watching Idol: The Coup, as I am really curious about the setting in the entertainment industry, focusing on the idols business.

    I guess we’ll have to wait until the end of the drama, but I think the first 3 episodes are quite promising…

    • Lee Jun Young is my ultimate bias now. I fell in love with him in Imitation. And I agree, my first time seeing him was his performance in Class of Lies playing a psychopathic personality hiding under that perfect popular student exterior. He is so talented. I also liked his supporting role in DP, where he played a wild unfiltered man with a violent and criminal nature. I read he changed agencies to form his own company which I hope will put him in a position to choose roles that live up to his talent and capability. I don’t think he needs another idol role.

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