Top 6 Kpop MVs: A Taste of Korean Trot

Korean Trot: maybe you’ve listened to it, or maybe the genre is a total unknown for you. Like rice and kimchi, Korean Trot is a well-loved staple of Korean culture and a bedrock of the current Kpop music scene. And thanks to the popular competition shows, Mr. Trot and Miss Trot, trot music has made a recent resurgence, attracting new fans globally. Come check out some new trot favorites I added to my playlists over this past year!

Young Tak – ‘니가 왜 거기서 나와’

When I think of trot music, there are certain stereotypes that come to mind: upbeat song, distinctive vocal styling, and even flashy suit jackets! Young Tak has been singing and writing trot songs since debuting 2007, and he’s confidently checking all the boxes with this recent release.

Son Min Su (feat. Ravi) – ‘ParaPara Queen’

Son Min Su brings a bit of trot fusion, complete with a rap break, in her Eurobeat-inspired song ‘ParaPara Queen’. (For those who might be curious, ParaPara is a style of dance, popular in Japan, that features a set choreography mainly done with the arms and hands!)

Jang Min Ho – ‘That’s Life’

I can’t talk about Korean Trot without including a song that laments about dealing with the daily grind. Plus, that accordion in the intro is just classic trot flavoring!

Yoon Seo Ryeong – ‘척하면 척이지’

Quick drum beats, lots of trumpet and bit of electric guitar – this is trot music at it’s best! Also, Yoon Seo Ryeong is just the cutest, living her best dream life, in this MV. 

Park Hyun Ho – ‘Money Money Money’

Park Hyun Ho shines in this trot fusion selection – perfect trot vocals coupled with an idol face and dance moves! I need more, more, more of ‘Money Money Money’. . . 

Lim Young Woong – ‘My Starry Love’

By now, you might be thinking all trot music is destined send you out to the dance floor – not so! I give you this beautiful, ballad-style trot song from Lim Young Woong. All the nostalgic feels!

Oh Yoo Jin – ‘Come See Me’

And last but not least, this sweet girl is an up-and-coming trot queen! I stumbled upon her doing the music show rounds earlier in the year – my daughter and I both looked forward to seeing her perform this fun song every evening! 

Whether in the karaoke rooms or on idol stages, trot songs are here to stay! Share your thoughts on Korean Trot in the comments below! 



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