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Mission: Possible was the winner of my What should I watch for my birthday? Twitter poll, and let me tell you: that poll was DEAD ON. Take a goofy Korean PI and a rookie Chinese undercover operative, throw in some guns and a rather interesting motive, and you have a movie that is absolutely perfect for me. (The voters have impeccable taste.) Come see if Kim Young Kwang and Lee Sun Bin’s Mission: Possible antics might just work for you too!

The Story

(courtesy of “Yoo Da Hee is one of the Chinese Ministry of State Security’s top secret agents. When her department receives information about an arms smuggling ring in South Korea, she is sent to close the net on the smugglers. 

Part of the plan involves linking up with a South Korean special operative. But due to a case of mistaken identity, she is unexpectedly told to meet up with Woo Soo Han, a bumbling and inexperienced private detective whose small-fry cases include searching for missing dogs.

Yoo Da Hee has no idea that Woo Soo Han is not the operative she was dispatched to link up with and proceeds to include him in her plans to foil the arms ring. He, in turn, mistakenly believes that he has been earmarked by the secret service and fast-tracked to the top, so he decides to cooperate.

But things start to get very real when key witnesses are murdered, leaving this unlikely duo as the chief suspects…”

Why I Watched It

Despite how the voting turned out, I didn’t really cave to peer pressure on this one. The reason I put it on my poll in the first place is because the trailer caught my eye and the description sounded like a lot of fun. Lee Sun Bin was a hoot to watch in Team Bulldog, and I’ve adored Kim Young Kwan since I watched him in The Secret Life of My Secretary. Honestly, this was a no-brainer. Of course I was going to push play!

What Made Me Love It

Lee Sun Bin and Kim Young Kwang have excellent comedic timing, but they also have the right kind of personalities to pull off serious action too. It’s this duality that kept me interested and intrigued, and actually made me cheer at one point about halfway through the movie. The jokes were natural, the action was believable, and the story was tight. The body count may have gotten a little high at the end, but other than that, it was GREAT. 

Do I Recommend It?

ABSOLUTELY. Mission: Possible is a perfect Saturday afternoon/casual date night movie. The themes may not be deep (until they are, but I won’t spoil that for you), but it’s a fun watch and made me really happy. I fully intend to watch it again!

Until the next fanboy fight, I remain –

Karie the Maknae

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  1. Thank you for the recommendation. I want to get my girlfriend to watch Korean dramas and movies. I already got my sister too enjoy them. Signal is our favorite drama as well as Mr Sunshine. For both cinematography and acting.

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