Top 5 Kpop MVs: Dark and Dreamy and a Little Light

Dark and dreamy tunes rule this post, but the MV settings are what captured my attention. This week’s kpop MVs run across the spectrum from explosions to flooded houses to fake fishing opportunities (oh trot, how I love you). Come check out the music that made my ears happy this week!

ATEEZ – “Don’t Stop”

Last week’s post published mere HOURS before the MV for “Don’t Stop” dropped, and I wished I’d hung on to it. But I was too excited to share ATEEZ’s foray into a darker, more aggressive sound, and I’m thrilled with the MV. It perfectly reflects our Pirate Kings of Kpop navigating darker waters, complete with ships stuck in sand dunes, walking away from explosions, and an eyepatch! 

Wonpil – “Voiceless”

The rest of Day6 is off doing their own thing – mostly military service – so Wonpil has started solo work. This dreamy ballad is thoughtful and makes great use of Wonpil’s distinctive voice. Also, there’s a MERMAID. I love it!

BM – “Lie (Lost in Euphoria)”

BM is on my list of rappers who can sing for a very good reason. His deep, gritty voice is perfect for the emotion he pours into it with awesome songs like “Lie” and I love listening to it. 

Astro – “Ghost Town”

Talk about dark and dreamy! “Ghost Town” is a marvelous effort by the Moonbin and Sanha subunit, with soulful raps and grounded vocals that make me want to listen while taking a night drive with the windows rolled down.

Young Tak – “Wanna go get some abalone”

Let’s lighten things up with a little trot, shall we? This song made me smile from the very first note, and Young Tak is obviously pretty happy singing it! It’s a catchy little tune and I like it a lot. 

What’s been on your playlists lately, music fans? Drop down in the comments below and let me know!

Until the next comeback, I remain —

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