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Who needs some romance to brighten their Valentine’s week? Take one part smart and relatable female and mix her with an adorable and caring younger man and we have a recipe for the perfect holiday delectable dessert. Come see five tips the show has on love and also the reasons why I think you should join me in watching Why Women Love.

The literal translation for the title is closer to We Who Don’t Know How to Love (Thanks DramaWin for the translation), and that is true for everyone who graces our screen. Zhao Jian Yue (Gina Jin) is the head of a tech firm launching a new dating app with the help of her social media influencer best friend Qian Jing Jing (Simona Wang). Each episode ends with some dating tips from our cast of characters and it’s hilarious how horrible everyone is with love, even though that’s exactly what they’re selling. Here are five helpful tips in dating that the cast may or may not be able to complete themselves. *I’ve watched episodes 1-10 and I will be giving very small spoilers that are mainly for comedic purposes, but trust me, you need to see them to fully appreciate their worth.

#1 Don’t Fall For Your Own Dating Tips and Tricks

What successful woman has the time for romance these days? Well, Zhao Jiang Yue is launching a new dating app, and she needs to show her audience that it works. Enter playboy Gu Jia Xin (Wang Zi Yi) and his expertise in dating. He’s working as Jiang Yue’s assistant to appease his mom and needs Jiang Yue to sign off on him doing a good job and release him from the company to follow his passion. Except, this boy seems to know way more about motorcycles than he does his own heart. Every tip he gives Jian Yue ends up making her heart pound and sends him gazing at her like a love-sick puppy.

#2 Don’t Fall For Your Boss

Jiang Yue’s first love is her old boss Xu Ning Yuan. She never pursued him because he was still getting over a girlfriend that passed away while they were together. Ning Yuan is back in the country and Jia Xin is determined to get the two workaholics to follow their feelings and start dating. The problem is that Ning Yuan is as boring as a board meeting when they’re together, and all of Jia Xin’s antics just push him closer to falling for his own boss.

#3 Make Sure You Wear Silk PJ’s During Skinship Lessons

Gu Jia Xin has one of those annoying girls that has followed him everywhere since the birth canal and decided they were marriage material back in elementary school. He makes it very clear to her he doesn’t want to date, but his mom keeps encouraging them because of family ties. On the run from one of her surprise visits, Jia Xin ends up in Jiang Yue’s apartment in his shiny black PJs and proceeds to give her lessons before her date the next day. She isn’t able to pull off his slick skin contact move on her date, but the real lesson is that when a man shows up in his pajamas and makes your skin tingle, you might want to cancel the other date.

#4 Punish Your Friend’s Cheating Spouse

Qian Bing Bing is known for her love tips and everyone longs after her perfect marriage. Like any real social media guru, it’s all a very curated fantasy that crashes and burns when he’s caught cheating. Jiang Yue decides to get revenge for her friend and finds him at his local day spa. With rope and permanent marker in hand, she proceeds to tie him to the massage bed and write insulting words on his back. Fortunately for us, Jiang Yue doesn’t check to see who it is before she climbs on his back, and we get to see Jia Xin fuming mad. Well, until he sees who has him tied up. The ease in which these two get through the next scene, where she scrubs his back while he’s in a bubble bath, is a testament to their chemistry.

#5 Give a Gift that a Stranger Picked Out

The best use of Jia Xin’s childhood bride is that she really does want to help Ning Yuan confess to Jiang Yue and date her successfully. The only time I actually like this character is when she’s teasing our boorish second lead. She convinces him to get a gift that ends up falling flat, but her efforts are to be commended. The problem is that neither of them really knows Jiang Yue that well and the gift shows that. I won’t spoil what Jia Xin ends up getting her for Valentine’s Day, but he purchases it himself and puts a lot of thought into it.

Final Tip

Get ready for a fun and easy watch; one full of great chemistry and a cast of characters that are entertaining. Both Gina Jin and Wang Zi Yi are a delight to watch and cheer for.

Happy Valentine’s Week,

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