Top 5 Kpop MVs: Bringing ALL the Bright & Bouncy Feels

I’m back y’all! After a couple looong months surviving the holidays and handling an unexpected impact on my day-to-day, I’m finally settling back into my Kpop groove again!! And I have a BUNCH of new songs I can’t wait to share – this playlist is guaranteed to boost your mood and get you up and dancing! Let’s GOOOO!!

TWICE – ‘The Feels’

If you’ve read any of my music posts in the past, I’m pretty honest about the fact my playlists tend to lean more toward the male vocals. So that’s probably why I didn’t give this song much attention when it first dropped late last year. But repeated listens in the car via the local Kpop station have me singing the all English lyrics (loudly) alongside the girls from TWICE! And the bright prom-themed music video is super-cute too!!

Monsta X – ‘You Problem’

I don’t know who Monsta X has working on their English-language albums, but these songs are always on-point!! With its fun disco beat and matching MV vibes, ’You Problem’ is no exception. I also want to give the Monsta X members some extra kudos, because their English pronunciation is always excellent – so easy to sing along with them! The only thing missing here is my bias Shownu… 

Yena (feat. Bibi) – ‘Smiley’

Former IZ*ONE member Yena made her solo debut last month and her title track ‘Smiley’ (from the album of the same name) is an actual blast of sunshine! The bouncy song combined with her positive message always makes me smile when it loops on my playlist. Plus, her superhero persona in the MV is seriously adorable. If you’re looking for a Kpop happy pill, look no further!

Omega X – ‘Love Me Like’

So this doesn’t EXACTLY fit my theme for the week. However, Omega X had a comeback last month and I am IN LOVE with their new album – definitely check out ALL the tracks! ‘Love Me Like’, with its strong drum beats, latin-inspired melody, and smooth pre-chorus vocals, snatched my heart on first listen! And if I might be so bold (gives ‘Sticker’ the side-eye), this song has the bright, flute accent done right. 

Astro’s JinJin & Rocky – ‘Just Breathe’

This sub-unit pairing of JinJin & Rocky is just fantastic! ‘Just Breathe’ has a funky, boogie beat that spills over into their colorful and animated MV. Plus, since I have a soft spot for brass, I absolutely loved the pep band energy those instruments brought to this song. And I just might want to learn the choreo now – JinJin and Rocky really impressed with their groovy moves!!

Bonus Track: Nature – ‘Rica Rica’

I really debated whether to share this song. ‘Rica Rica’ totally found a place on my regular playlist, because it’s got a fun, trot-fusion sound! BUT. . . THE DANCE!!! Y’all, I giggle every single time I watch and wonder how these girls kept a straight face performing their choreo! Maybe, it’s just me?

Hope you enjoyed ALL the sunny, positive vibes this week! Tell me, what’s your favorite (or most recently discovered) happy-place song?? Share in the comments below!



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