Top 8 Kpop MVs: Off The Beaten Path

I LOVE music. And I love when all my faves put out new songs. But you know what I love even more? Finding NEW groups and artists whose works I’ve yet to discover! There is so much amazing music out there – I know I’ve only just scratched the surface. Today’s line-up features a little bit of rap, a little bit of Jpop and some talented rocker girls! Come check it out!!

Jay Park & pH-1 – ‘All In’

From the very opening of this song I was all in! The simple back beat allows Jay Park and pH-1 to exchange some tight rap flows as the song builds into an excellent EDM chorus. Make sure your captions are turned on – the heartfelt lyrics shouldn’t be missed! 

Loco – ‘Just Like This’ (feat. George)

Yes, Loco is a rapper, but honestly this song doesn’t feel like a rap song to me! The easygoing flow and the pretty forest scenery of the MV make this chill song an easy one to love. And again, take some time to focus on the lyrics. . .  they’re deeper than the vibe of the song would first make you think! 

NiziU – ‘Chopstick’

This new Japanese girl group from JYP is just ADORABLE!! The song itself is an earworm and I love the bright colors, cute styling and fun choreo. I especially enjoyed how they tie in variations of the piano all the way through the MV!

One N’ Only – ‘Young Blood’ & ‘We Just Don’t Care’

Y’all, I have to share TWO songs from the Japanese group One N’ Only. Their most recent title track ‘Young Blood’ dropped a couple weeks ago and I was immediately on board with the powerful and punchy feel of this song! But then I discovered ‘We Just Don’t Care’ and I love it too!! With its beautiful vocals and refreshing oceanside MV, this pop ballad quickly found a place on my current playlist! (And bonus track link here – this one has ALL the early 2010s Big Bang and Block B vibes!)

Song Soowoo – ‘Love Me or Hate Me’

I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across this debut song from rookie singer Song Soowoo! As the winner of the recent Mnet survival show Cap-Teen, ‘Love Me or Hate Me’ is her first single. Bring on the rocker girl angst!! Hoping to hear more from her in the near future.  

Rolling Quartz – ‘Blaze’ & ‘Good Night’

I just couldn’t decide on one song with this group either, so it’s also a double-dose of the all-girl rock band Rolling Quartz! Their debut song ‘Blaze’ is a fantastic all-out rock jam showcasing the amazing talents of these five ladies! And if you enjoy ‘Blaze’, you are going to love their cover of ‘Good Night’ off their recent album Fighting. I love Dreamcatcher, and to have this group covering their rock inspired music, as a band with all the instruments, is perfection! (Want to hear more? This track is another favorite!)

Thanks for joining me on this musical detour today! Maybe you’ve found a new artist (or two) to follow? I’m always on the hunt for new tunes, so be sure to share your recent playlist additions with me in the comments below!



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