Top 6 Kpop MVs: Transformative Journeys

From dark thoughts to newbies looking like professionals to childhood nostalgia, this week’s MVs cover all kinds of journeys. Which MVs have transformed you?

Bang Yongguk – “Up”

The dark, melodic beats of Bang Yongguk’s latest songs have been SO perfectly suited to his voice! “Up” is no exception, and the MV is both minimal and elegant as it takes us into what looks like Yongguk’s darkest thoughts.

TAN – “Du Du Du”

BRAND NEW GROUP ALERT! The product of Wild Idol, TAN already has the polished feel of an experienced idol group. Their voices are mature and melodic, their harmonies are seriously satisfying, and their choreography is on point. I’m impressed with how well they’ve come together!

Weeekly – “Ven para”

I’m loving the movement in this song – the deep, almost tribal beats combined with the galaxy-encompassing melodic sections make it compulsively listenable. Love the sets in the MV too – fire and planets and stars all make for a compelling picture with the talented idols.

Adora – “The Little Name”

This sweet and childlike MV is underscored by a wistful song, evoking a longing to return to the things we appreciated in childhood. Adora’s voice is both dreamy and solid and a genuine delight to listen to, which makes me glad she left her position as a songwriter and producer at BigHit and pursued a solo career!

The Boyz – “Echo Solo Leveling”

If you’re gonna take on dark smoke monsters summoned to an empty subway station, The Boyz is CLEARLY the group you want by your side. This MV is entrancing, and The Boyz bring the beats and the choreo that will light your way.

Kim Woo Seok – “Switch”

With a voice as mysterious and dreamy as this MV, Kim Woo Seok delivers a song that’s worthy of the full idol group treatment all by himself. The journey the MV takes him on seems to switch between the real and the fantastic in colorful, dreamlike ways.

BONUS TRACK: P1Harmony – “Do It Like This”

This is one of my favorite tracks from P1Harmony’s latest albums, and now they have it in English. Win-win!

Share your transformative MVs in the comments below, music fans! I’d love to see what songs have got you thinking and feeling today.

Until the next comeback, I remain —

Karie the Maknae

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