Top 5 Kpop MVs: Spring Kaleidoscope

Sunny skies and blooming flowers aren’t the only way to tell that spring is in full swing – this week’s collection of music videos are an explosion of bright colors and upbeat vibes! Grab your shades and get ready to dive in!!

Taeyong X Wonstein – ‘Love Theory’

Taeyong of NCT teams up with fellow rapper Wonstein for this quirky duet. Falling in love at first sight + totally overthinking how approach the object of your affection = a very cute and flustered Taeyong and a fun MV! 

BE’O – ‘LOVE me’

Rookie rapper BE’O came out of nowhere and caught my attention with this recent single! Raspy vocals, tight rap flows, and a punk-pop vibe completely pulled me in to this song lamenting lost love.

Moon Byul – ‘C.I.T.T. (Cheese in the Trap)’

I think it’s official. . . I’m a Moon Byul fan!! I’ve been loving all her recent releases, and “C.I.T.T.” is no exception. No, this is completely unrelated to the movie and drama, so cast off any expectations in that regard. Instead, enjoy Moon Byul’s unique voice and the cute concept of this fun bop! I especially love how the chorus kicks off!!

Ha Sung Woon – ‘LA LA POP!’

Ha Sung Woon dropped this single just for you. . . yes, really! He says so in the lyrics!! If you don’t believe me, have a listen to this sweet little love song and hear for yourself! 

Seventeen – ‘Darl+ing’

Mega-group Seventeen recently shared their first ever English-language single and I think it’s safe to say it’s a bop! I’m a little confused by the dystopian elements in the MV, but I’m totally here for the song and the non-stop visuals! 

Kpop fans, are you feeling the love this spring? I know I’m loving all the great music April has brought our way – can’t wait to see what in store for May!!



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