Top 5 Kpop MVs: Rocking Out!

Are you having a bad week? Need to just crank up the music and rock out to relieve some stress? Well, guess what?! I have just the playlist for you! Come check out these recent releases, remixes, and a special flashback favorite.

Woodz – ‘I hate you’

I love Woodz! And ‘I hate you’ is definitely my favorite track from his newest album Colorful Trauma. This bright, pop-rock song (which is totally giving me Day6 vibes) perfectly showcases his energetic vocals and colorful performance visuals – SO MUCH head-banging fun!! 

TXT – ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’

Tomorrow X Together has been pursuing a darker, edgier version of themselves in their recent album series and ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ perfectly continues that theme! Teenage angst is on full display, with SooBin fully owning this concept. However, it’s YeonJun’s rap during the bridge that is the best part of this song for me!

Onewe – ‘Montage_’ 

This new music video came as a huge surprise this week! From their Planet Nine: Voyager album, released this past January, ‘Montage_’ is a hype rock track that highlights Onewe doing what they do best. Superb vocals and flawless musical talents (I’ll let Kanghyun’s guitar solo speak for itself) are on full display – it’s perfect!!

Treasure – ‘Darari’ (Remix)

Garnering more than double the streams of their title track ‘JikJin’ on Spotify, the boys of Treasure have delighted fans by dropping a special remix MV for their song ‘Darari’. Watching them rock out and dance their hearts out totally has me on my feet joining in on the stress-busting fun! Thankfully, no guitars were injured during the jam session at my house, lol!!

Enhypen – ‘Drunk-Dazed’ (Choreography version)

Yes, yes, I know this is not a new song! However, the one year anniversary of ‘Drunk-Dazed’ zooming to the top of my playlist recently passed. I had to celebrate by watching a few performance versions of the song. As a dancer, this is by far my favorite MV. Their choreo is super intense – the synchronized jump and floorwork take center stage! Enhypen gets better with each comeback and I’ve really been enjoying watching them grow!!

What do you think, K-pop fans?! What is your go-to track to rock out to?? Drop down and share your favorite songs in the comments below!!



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